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    Have a tank or tankless water heater in need of repairs? Call your friends at Golden Rule! Our licensed plumbers are the best in Des Moines and can make repairs on any brand or model of water heater in just one visit to your home. Not only do we promise to arrive faster than any other plumbing contractor, but we also promise the best warranty and guarantee protections in the state. So, if something comes up after we’ve left, we’re here for you.

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    Scheduling Your Water Heater Repair

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    Fast, Friendly & Convenient Scheduling in 3 Steps!

    • Reach out to us: You have more ways than ever to schedule with Golden Rule. Whether you call or schedule online, we’ll have your appointment booked in no time.
    • Get call reminders: Our team keeps you in the loop by providing courtesy reminders both the day before and the day of your water heater repair.
    • Meet your plumber: We’ll text you your plumber’s name, picture, and bio on the day of your appointment, so you’ll know exactly who’s showing up at your door.

    Pricing Your Water Heater Repair

    How much does repairing a water heater in Des Moines cost to repair?

    Service the Golden Rule way

    Our service calls have two goals: identify what’s wrong with the system and give you options on how to fix it. You get to decide how you’d like to proceed with the repair, and we’ll make sure you’re quoted a fair price for the work. No, if’s, and’s, or but’s. Just our promise to you.

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    What factors affect the cost of a water heater repair?

    • Cause for the repair: When a water heater starts acting out, the part that’s causing the issue tends to be the single biggest factor in determining repair cost. A leaky water heater for example may be caused by a broken pressure relief valve or a cracked tank. That’s the difference between a replacement part and a replacement system! No matter the issue, Golden Rule will give you honest answers and multiple solutions to every repair.
    • Brand and model: At Golden Rule, we repair all brands and models of the water heater. And we’re being honest when we say some manufacturers and some systems cost more to repair than others. In some cases, the parts themselves are hard to come by. This is especially true of older systems. In other cases, the newest models (like the latest tankless systems) require a bit more finesse to repair, which can increase the length of the repair and the cost.
    • Contractor experience: When hiring a company or individual contractor to repair your water heater, it’s best to think in terms of the value provided rather than the cost by itself. Golden Rule keeps our prices fair and adds additional protections that smaller contractors just can’t provide. While their pricing may be slightly lower, Golden Rule‘s value is through the roof.

    Completing Your Water Heater Repair

    We imagined the perfect water heater repair…

    All makes and models are repaired, with no exceptions.
    99% of repairs were completed in just one day.
    NATE-certified techs trained in-house.
    Shoe covers are worn at all times in your home.
    Thousands of successful repairs call every year.
    Financing is available for repairs upon request.

    Water Heater Repair FAQ

    If your water heater has a major and permanent breakdown, then it’s fairly obvious that you need a new one for your home. But there are other signs that you might need to replace your water heater.

    For example, if you find that the frequent repair costs of your existing water heater have become too much to bear or you are concerned about the efficiency of your water heater, then you may want to replace your model instead of continuing to repair it.

    You should expect some noise from your water heater when it turns on; this is simply an indication that the equipment is functioning. But if your water heater begins to make strange or surprisingly loud sounds, then it is probably a warning that something has gone wrong that needs expert repair work.

    The most common reason for a water heater making loud noises is sediment buildup at the bottom of the tank. Sediment can trap super-heated air bubbles that make loud popping noises when they burst. We can help eliminate those noises (and the sediment buildup which causes them) with a routine maintenance visit.

    Protecting Your Water Heater Repair

    Service Protections

    1-Year Labor Warranty

    Every water heater repair is protected by an industry-leading 1-year warranty on labor. If our repair doesn’t resolve your issue, we’ll return and fix it, minus the labor charges.

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    We promise to give you a water heater repair that goes above and beyond to give you the service you deserve. If you’re not happy, we’ll return and make it right.