Toilet Repair & Installation



Toilet repair although not necessarily something you think about often, is one of the more important aspects of caring for your home.

After all, you undoubtedly utilize your toilets multiple times throughout each day, so keeping them working properly is essential. Renovations or additions to your home may result in the need for toilet installation as well. Read on to learn more about these crucial services and how to tell when you need them.

Toilet Repair and Installation Services

No matter the size of your home, it should include at least one toilet. If something goes wrong with your toilet, it can have a major impact on your day, and you’ll want to address any issues as quickly as possible to prevent further damage. Plumbing problems are notorious for escalating quickly when ignored, so this is not an area where you can afford delays.

Clogs, leaks, reservoir issues and more can plague toilets, disrupting their operation and impacting your lifestyle. A trained plumber can generally make short work of fixing any problems with your toilets, so don’t delay in calling for toilet repair.

If your plumber determines that your toilet can’t be repaired, you’ll likely need to replace it, which is typically included under the umbrella of toilet installation services.


It might be time to replace your toilet if you notice any of the following signs:

Increased frequency of toilet issues
High water bills
Age of 20 years or more
Leaks around toilet

Although many toilets are capable of lasting 50 years or more, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should strive for the longest possible life span. Modern toilets use far less water than their older counterparts, and the savings on your water bills can be well worth the upfront cost of a new toilet.

Not only that, but a newer model will be far less likely to need repair, so you can save money on toilet repairs as well. Your plumber can let you know whether repair or replacement is a better option for your unique situation.

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