If your heat pump isn’t working as it should, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced pro in heat pumps in Des Moines, IA. This two-in-one heating and cooling system is designed to boost your home’s comfort while reducing energy costs. By either heating or cooling down your living space, depending on the time of year, a heat pump works as well as a separate AC unit and furnace for the price of a single unit.

To keep your heat pump system in optimal condition, be sure to schedule maintenance on a regular basis. You may also want to consider replacing your unit if you’re due for an upgrade.

Pricing Your Heat Pump Repair & Installation

How much does repairing a heat pump in Des Moines cost to repair?

cost to repair a heat pump

How much does it cost to install a geothermal heat pump in Des Moines?

cost to install a geothermal hp

Service the Golden Rule way

Our service calls have two goals: identify what’s wrong with the system and give you options on how to fix it. You get to decide how you’d like to proceed with the repair, and we’ll make sure you’re quoted a fair price for the work. No, if’s, and’s, or but’s. Just our promise to you.

Minimum fee without repair: $72 (Free for Golden Rule Members)

Evaluation with repair: Always FREE

Schedule Heat Pump Repair