Our worry-free solution removes all of the common headaches associated with owning an expensive home comfort system. See all the benefits that the Premier Program provides for a low monthly payment.

    HVAC systems are essential in many areas of the country to face searing summers and frosty winters — especially in Iowa! But the continuous maintenance, stress and expense required to own your own HVAC system are significant. If you’re exhausted from orchestrating all the repair appointments and nail-biting budgets, it’s time to choose a better solution.

    Golden Rule can offer you dependable heating and cooling with NONE of the responsibility to maintain, repair or replace your HVAC system. Our team is proud to partner with Premier Program, a service that takes the worry off your shoulders and leaves you with clean, conditioned air. Want to know more? Watch the video and read on!

    3 Benefits of The Premier Program

    What makes the Premier Program so special? What will you truly get when you switch to this comprehensive HVAC care program?

    1. No Charge HVAC Repairs

    Stressing over the expense of those surprise HVAC repairs is a thing of the past with Premier Program’s no charge repair services. A strange noise, a funky smell or low airflow will be addressed promptly by Golden Rule for no charge! While we can’t control if your unit develops a problem, we can find a solution as quickly as possible.

    2. No Charge Annual Maintenance

    The Premier Program isn’t about to leave you with an inefficient heating and cooling unit. Your HVAC maintenance is 100% covered through this program. As an authorized contractor, Golden Rule will reach out to you every year when your unit is due for a tune-up. No calendar reminders, no budget constraints, just efficient air conditioning. The Premier Program even includes air filters throughout the year to make sure your air is pristine!

    3. No Charge Unit Replacements

    If your HVAC unit breaks down and can’t be repaired, no need to panic! Our team at Golden Rule is authorized to replace your unit at no extra cost to you, ensuring your home is stress-free and cool throughout the summer. That’s the thorough service you get when you sign up for the Premier Program!

    Top Quality Service That Leaves You Satisfied

    In addition to taking care of your main HVAC services at no cost, our team works through the Premier Program to make the entire process easier and more effective for you. Your favorite technicians, installers and customer service representatives at Golden Rule will help find a solution to your problem as usual.

    • No Trip Charges
    • No Diagnostic Fees
    • No Overtime Fees

    You can completely set aside your financial worries and focus on getting your HVAC back in working order. You can trust that our team members will perform at our high standards, but the Premier Program takes care of the expense.

    Is The Premier Program Adaptable?

    We get it. You don’t want to be roped into another contract that you feel stuck in after a few years. The standard Premier Program agreement lasts about 10 years, but you will always have options during that time to adapt or change the terms. For instance, if you sell your home and move to another, we can help you transfer your agreement.

    What happens when the agreement is up? After your 10 years, or the agreed-upon amount of time, you’ll have several options:
    • Upgrade to a new system
    • Return the system

    Interested In The Premier Program?

    If this program sounds like the perfect solution to your HVAC struggles, it’s time to learn more! Contact Golden Rule to get the details of the Premier Program experience. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll have worry-free heating and cooling!

    Compare the Difference:

    See how the Premier Program stacks up.