Electric Vehicle Charging in Des Moines, IA



Do you need convenient electric vehicle charging in Des Moines, IA?

It doesn’t get much more convenient than having a fast charging outlet installed at your home. Commercial EV charging stations can be expensive to use, which makes owning an electric vehicle more expensive than it needs to be.

If you’ve recently upgraded or are planning to upgrade your transportation to an electric vehicle, consider the benefits of installing a charger at your home.

Reliable Electric Vehicle Charging in Des Moines

One of the big concerns with transitioning to an electric vehicle is finding reliable and affordable charging. Most homes don’t have outdoor high-voltage outlets already installed. This means that electric vehicles are limited to trickle charging, which can take more than eight hours of plug-in time to reach a full battery.

With an electric vehicle charging station, you can go from zero to full in just a an hour or two. Depending on your battery size, you could get from zero charge to 80% full in just 30 minutes.

Choosing the right EV charging stations often depends on your battery size and driving habits. If you typically use less than a full charge in a 24-hour period, an upgraded outlet might be all you need.


If you’re upgrading to an electric vehicle, be sure to install home charging for:

Faster charging
Lower cost access to electricity
Improved battery health
Increased property value

As electric vehicles become more common, more homes will need a charging solution to support them. By installing home EV charging stations for one or two cars, you can make a big change to your home logistics and the value of your home.

With a charging station, you can get a setup to plug in more than one car, which can be a big benefit when you’re a multi-electric car household.

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At Golden Rule, our expert electricians are happy to help with the newest electrical upgrades for your Des Moines home. Whether you’d like an outdoor outlet for a landscaping project or want to put in dedicated EV charging stations for your personal vehicles and for your guests, you’ll want a skilled electrician to handle the work.

At Golden Rule, we can be at your home quickly and handle any wiring and outlet installation in a matter of just a few hours. And, 99% of our calls are serviced on the same day.

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