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    Is your old water heater on its last leg? Make one call to Golden Rule and we’ll have a brand-new water heater installed in your home as early as the same day you call. We stock our vehicles with the most popular water heater models—tank and tankless—to ensure fast same-day installations. And you won’t find another plumber in Des Moines that offers the same warranty and guarantee protections as we do. Give us a call today and see why thousands of homeowners rate Golden Rule as a 5-star service company!

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    Scheduling Your Water Heater Estimate

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    Fast, Friendly & Convenient Scheduling in 3 Steps!

    1. Reach out to us: When you’re ready to schedule a free water heater install estimate, you have two convenient ways of doing so: by phone or online. We’ll have your in-home estimate booked in minutes!
    2. Get call reminders: You won’t ever have to worry about missing your appointment when you schedule with Golden Rule. You’ll receive courtesy reminders the day before and the day of your scheduled visit.
    3. Meet your plumber: We’ll text you your plumber’s name, picture, and bio on the day of your estimate, so you’ll know exactly who’s showing up at your door.

    Quoting Your Water Heater Installation

    How much does it cost to install a water heater in Des Moines?

    $1,700 Low
    $2,500 Our Average
    $4,000 High

    Estimates the Golden Rule way

    At Golden Rule, our goal is to give each customer the kind of estimate that we’d want for ourselves—one that’s transparent, honest, and free from sales pressure. And that’s exactly what you’ll get when you call us for your water heater estimate.

    Cost of your estimate: FREE

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    What factors affect the cost of a water heater install?

    • The selected model: A water heater exists for every home and every budget. That’s good news for our customers, but it also means wading through a lot of variables and different systems! Cost can vary depending on the type of system (tank or tankless), the size of the tank, the type of heating components (electric, natural gas, etc.), and the unit’s Energy Factor (how efficient the system is.)
    • Home modifications: State and local codes exist to protect homeowners from water damage, fire hazards, and carbon monoxide poisoning. Any one of these concerns could occur if a water heater isn’t installed properly. If modifications to plumbing or electrical are required, we’ll be transparent about this and let you know how it impacts the total cost.
    • Contractor experience: The peace of mind that an experienced contractor brings to the table simply can’t be ignored. Experienced contractors have technicians that are licensed and insured, and you can count on a reputable contractor to return if something goes wrong. The Golden Rule family has been serving Des Moines for over 20 years, so you know we have your back if an issue comes up.

    Installing Your Water Heater

    We imagined the perfect water heater install…

    We offer a wide selection of water heaters for our customers.

    We’ll help you get approved for any relevant clean-energy rebates available.

    Our plumbers are licensed and trained at our in-house facility in Des Moines.
    We pride ourselves on keeping a clean workspace. Shoe covers are mandatory.

    Hundreds of successful water heater installations are completed every year.
    Need a replacement fast? We carry popular water heaters in our trucks, ready to install!

    Water Heater Installation FAQ

    It’s important to make sure that you get the water heater that you want. We can help you consider your options in light of your budgetary requirements and hot water preferences.

    Your options include:

    • Tank water heater: Still the most popular type of water heater on the market today, the tank water heater uses a large, cylindrical reservoir to keep a constantly heated supply of water ready to be distributed throughout your home.
    • Tankless water heater: As its name suggests, this type of water heater does not keep gallons upon gallons of water at a constant temperature, but rather uses a high-efficiency heat exchanger to heat water on demand.
    • Heat pump water heater: This type uses the surrounding ambient air of your home to heat your water supply. It works just like a heat pump and is often supplemented with a conventional heat exchanger.

    Protecting Your Water Heater Installation

    Service Protections

    1-Year Labor Warranty

    Golden Rule offers a 1-year labor warranty for all water heater installs. If you need repairs within a year of the installation, we’ll return and fix it without charging for labor.

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    We promise to give you a water heater install that meets or exceeds your expectations. If for any reason that didn’t happen, we’ll go above and beyond to resolve your concern.