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    The Golden Rule family is committed to installing the most reliable AC systems at the best prices in homes across Des Moines. That’s a commitment that’s easy to keep when you obey the Golden Rule in everything you do. We start by giving our customers a first-rate AC estimate, free of charge. You’ll be given system options that match your budget and an installation that meets your every expectation. Finally, our installations are backed by some of the strongest protections in the industry.

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    Scheduling Your AC Estimate

    AC Installation

    Fast, Friendly & Convenient Scheduling in 3 Steps!

    1. Reach out to us: When you’re ready to schedule a free AC to install estimate, you have two convenient ways of doing so: by phone or online. We’ll have your in-home estimate booked in minutes!
    2. Get call reminders: You won’t ever have to worry about missing your appointment when you schedule with Golden Rule. You’ll receive courtesy calls the day before and the day of your scheduled estimate visit.
    3. Meet your system engineer: We’ll text you your system engineer’s name, picture, and bio on the day of your estimate, so you’ll know exactly who’s showing up at your door.

    Quoting Your AC Installation

    How much does it cost to install an AC in Des Moines?

    $4,500 Low
    $7,000 Our Average
    $16,000 High

    Estimates the Golden Rule way

    At Golden Rule, our goal is to give each customer the kind of estimate that we’d want for ourselves—one that’s transparent, honest, and free from sales pressure. And that’s exactly what you’ll get when you call us for your AC estimate.

    Cost of your estimate: FREE

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    What factors affect the cost of an AC install?

    • Efficiency of the unit: High-efficiency systems are great to have because they reduce monthly energy bills by quite a lot. Homeowners will want to weigh the higher upfront cost of these systems with the monthly savings they’ll see once it’s installed. A Golden Rule System Engineer can help steer you in the right direction if you’re interested!
    • Size of the unit: Many different factors play a role in AC size, but the most important factor is the size of the home itself. You’d be surprised at how many homes don’t have properly sized AC systems, which can impact your home’s cooling capabilities and increase energy costs. So, we always perform a load calculation to ensure your new AC is the perfect size for your home.
    • Home renovations: There’s always a chance your new AC system will require additional renovations to your homes, such as ductwork repairs or alterations to plumbing and electrical fixtures. The good news is we have service divisions that can help with all of it, so you won’t need to juggle multiple contractors.

    Installing Your AC System

    We imagined the perfect AC installation…

    We’ll help you get approved for any relevant clean-energy rebates available.
    We source the industry’s most trusted brands for our homes and the homes of our customers.
    Our lead installers are NATE-certified and trained at our in-house facility.
    We pride ourselves on keeping a clean workspace. Shoe covers are mandatory.
    Thousands of successful HVAC installations are completed every year.
    We have portable units we can bring over while you wait for your installation.

    AC Installation FAQ

    A central AC is just one type of cooling system designed for residential homes. Other systems include:

    • Ductless mini-split: As the name suggests, a ductless mini-split does not use ductwork in a home to distribute its cooled air. Instead, it relies on multiple indoor air handler units mounted in different parts of the house. Ductless systems help improve indoor air quality and allow you to control which parts of the house receive cooling.
    • Geothermal heat pump: A geothermal system is a ground-source heat pump that uses the moderate temperature of the earth below the surface to heat or cool your home throughout the year. These systems have high energy efficiency, remain reliable no matter the outdoor temperatures, and can last for many years.

    We truly believe homeowners should consider a variety of contractors before deciding on who to choose for their installation. However, we recommend caution when it comes to installers that promise installations for much less than the average. A combination of low-quality equipment, poorly trained technicians, and subpar systems leave you facing a nightmare situation later on.

    When you call on Golden Rule for your air conditioning installation in Des Moines, you’ll receive high-quality service from experienced technicians who will see that you get the right new air conditioner, properly sized for your home and that the installation work will go fast and leave you will an ideally functioning new AC.

    Protecting Your AC Installation

    Service Protections

    1-Year Labor Warranty

    Golden Rule offers a 1-year labor warranty for all AC installs. If you need repairs within a year of the installation, we’ll return and fix it without charging for labor.

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    We promise to give you an AC installation that meets or exceeds your expectations. If for any reason that didn’t happen, we’ll go above and beyond to resolve your concern.