Are you considering furnace installation in Grimes, IA? If your existing heating system is showing signs of failure or is just becoming more and more expensive to run, an upgrade could be the answer. At Golden Rule, we offer our customers some of the most efficient and dependable heater replacement options available today. We’ll provide you with a cost-effective price and then arrange installation if you are happy to proceed. We’ll never give you the upsell or hit you with hidden costs. Furnaces are very dependable and provide years of great performance, but they do fail eventually.

Call us before yours breaks down fully to find out about an upgrade. We offer financing options on an approval allowing you to spread the total cost of your furnace over a number of months or years. This is a great option for many of our customers as the outlay for a new HVAC system can make quite a dent in the family finances. Ask us about the options we have available today. We have some of the most efficient furnaces available to homeowners today.

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