Say Goodbye to Surprise Winter Repairs with a Heating System Check!

    Winters in Des Moines can see temperatures outside drop into the -20s. Wind chills can drop temperatures as low as the -50s. With temperatures that low, a heating system breakdown can create an emergency. This is why we always recommend a fall inspection to ensure your heat pump, furnace or boiler is ready to handle whatever the winter can throw at it! At Golden Rule, we offer precision heating system checks that assess your system’s performance both inside and out. And unlike other contractors, we’ll never try to sell you a part you don’t need. That’s a promise.

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    The Most Thorough Heating System Check in Des Moines!

    • Inspect heat exchanger
    • Test blower motor & amp draw
    • Test inducer motor amp draw
    • Test start capacitor
    • Inspect blower wheel
    • Test flame sensor
    • Test for proper venting
    • Test ignition system
    • Test all wiring connections
    • Measure & test temperature rise
    • Static pressure test
    • Inspect drain
    • Check filter
    • Replace standard filter
    • Inspect evaporator coil if accessible
    • Check duct work condition

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