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    For the last 20 years, Golden Rule has been Des Moines’ most trusted provider of heating system repairs, replacements and system checks. We give our customers the kind of service that we’d be happy to have for ourselves. That includes faster response times, more service options (for installs and repairs), fairer pricing, and of course, better customer service from the first call to the final handshake.

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    Get the Golden Rule Treatment for Your Next Duct Repair

    If you have concerns about the state of your home’s ductwork, your friends at Golden Rule are here to help. We look out for our customer’s interests by providing transparent diagnostics, fair and upfront quotes, and the highest quality service—exactly what we’d want to see if we were in your shoes. Every step of our duct repair process is designed with the Golden Rule in mind, which means you’ll receive honest service from our team, every time.

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    Scheduling Your Duct Repair

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    Fast, Friendly & Convenient Scheduling in 3 Steps!

    • Reach out to us: You have more ways than ever to schedule with Golden Rule. Whether you call or schedule online, we’ll have your appointment booked in no time.
    • Get call reminders: Our team keeps you in the loop by providing courtesy call reminders both the day before and the day of your duct repair.
    • Meet your technician: We’ll text you your technician’s name, picture and bio on the day of your appointment, so you’ll know exactly who’s showing up at your door.

    Pricing Your Duct Repair

    How much does it cost for a duct repair in Des Moines?

    $200 Low
    $375 Our Average
    $10,000 High

    Service the Golden Rule way

    Our service calls have two goals: identify what’s wrong with the system and give you options on how to fix it. You get to decide how you’d like to proceed with the repair, and we’ll make sure you’re quoted a fair price for the work. No, if’s, and’s, or but’s. Just our promise to you.

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    What factors affect the cost of a duct repair?

    • State of the ductwork: When Golden Rule arrives at a home for a duct repair, the first thing we do is perform a thorough diagnostic of the entire system. The goal is to understand the extent of the damage as well as the type of damage. If the damage is significant, there may be areas where we suggest replacing the ductwork instead. This can add to cost, but it will dramatically improve your home’s energy bills and air quality in the long run.
    • Accessibility of the ductwork: Most of the ductwork we come across is in a crawlspace or confined behind a wall or ceiling. Both can pose challenges to accessibility, which in turn can increase the cost. At Golden Rule, we’re always upfront with you about the challenges as we see them, and we’ll make sure you’re aware of them before we get to work.
    • Contractor experience: Experienced contractors tend to have higher costs. But that higher cost comes with lots of great benefits such as better protections (longer-lasting warranties, licensed techs, etc.), a higher quality finished product, and faster response times.

    Completing Your Duct Repair

    We imagined the perfect duct repair…

    Have a personal request? We’ll follow it to the letter.
    99% of repairs were completed in just one day.
    NATE-certified techs trained in-house.
    Shoe covers are worn at all times in your home.
    Hundreds of successful ducts repair every year.
    Financing is available for repairs upon request.

    Duct Repair FAQ

    A few signs may tip you off to issues involving your ductwork. Some of the most common signs include:

    • Whistling or hissing sound: If you find that your ducts make a hissing or whistling sound during the operation of your heating and cooling system, then you may have a small tear or hole in the ductwork.
    • Lack of adequate heating and cooling: Inadequate heating and cooling may be linked to a duct work problem that needs to be fixed.
    • Uneven heating and cooling: If one section of your ductwork is damaged, then you may first notice it by the lack of heating or cooling in that area.

    Air duct repairs are essential for the optimal functioning of your HVAC systems, as well as for ensuring that you are living in a healthy home environment. A ventilation system that’s in disrepair can greatly diminish your overall living environment and air quality, and may even hurt your sleep. Poor indoor air quality can also be detrimental to your health and can cause you or your family to suffer from allergies. In addition, damaged ductwork can force your HVAC system to work overtime to heat/cool your home, leading to higher energy bills and a reduced system lifespan.

    Protecting Your Duct Repair

    Service Protections

    1-Year Labor Warranty

    Every duct repair is protected by an industry-leading 1-year warranty on labor. If our repair doesn’t resolve your issue, we’ll return and fix it, minus the labor charges.

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    We promise to give you a duct repair that goes above and beyond to give you the service you deserve. If you’re not happy, we’ll return and make it right.

    The Gold Club: Maintenance Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This

    What do over 10,000 Des Moines metro homeowners have in common? They’re all protected by the state’s most comprehensive whole-home maintenance plan, The Golden Rule Gold Club!

    With the Gold Club, you’ll receive three annual scheduled maintenance visits (heating, cooling and plumbing), plus discounts on repairs, priority service, no trip charges, and more for less than $9 a month!

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    The R.U.L.E.S. We Live By

    The pride of Golden Rule is our outstanding service and the rules we live by every day. We hold our customer service very highly and want to make sure you are taken care of to the best of our ability. No matter the problem, we will take care of you.

    Below are our values or “rules to live by”:
    • Respect: We will always treat our customers the way we would like to be treated.
    • Understanding: We understand that a prompt response is what our customers deserve.
    • Loyalty: We are loyal to our pledge that we treat each customer’s home like it’s their castle.
    • Expertise: We’re masters at our trade because we never stop training.
    • Service: We serve our community with the highest of ethical standards.
    Customer Review

    Jason from Golden Rule was very professional and very patient with me. He explained everything every step of the way so we understood what was wrong and what needed to be done to fix it. We will definitely be returning customers. Thanks Golden Rule and thank you Jason.”
    – Victoria K.

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    Get the Golden Rule Treatment for Your Next Duct Repair

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