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    Get an AC System Check and Say Goodbye to Surprise Summer Repairs!

    Your AC needs to be kept in good working order so that it gives you excellent performance and efficiency when you need it the most. Our HVAC professionals at Golden Rule can maintain the quality performance of your AC, no matter what type, brand, or size it may be with our regular inspection services. Thanks to annual air conditioning maintenance visits from our qualified technicians, your air conditioner should operate in peak condition with few repairs needed for many years.

    The Most Thorough AC System Check in Des Moines!

    • Test blower motor & amp draw
    • Check A/C for level
    • Test capacitors
    • Inspect blower & condenser motor
    • Inspect evaporator coil if accessible
    • Inspect disconnect
    • Inspect contactor
    • Test compressor amp draw
    • Test motor amp draw
    • Test all wiring connections
    • Measure & test temperature drop
    • Check filter
    • Replace standard filter
    • Check condenser coil
    • Rinse condenser

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    If you like our system checks, you’ll love our Golden Rule Club!

    happy customerWith our Golden Rule Club Membership maintenance program, you can experience comfort year-round along with priority benefits like:

    • No trip charges
    • Priority service
    • 10% discount on service repairs
    • Ongoing safety inspections
    • And more

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