Are you in need of help with your ductwork?

If so, get in touch with the ducting experts at Golden Rule. From fitting new HVAC ducts to cleaning your ductwork, we help to keep your ducting and HVAC system working perfectly.

Your ductwork is out of sight and this can mean that problems go undetected for some time. From broken sections to dust and debris that have built up to levels that affect the operation of your HVAC system, we can deal with all problems.

Our team can give you advice on how to ensure your ductwork is working as it should be and give recommendations for replacement or repair. Call our HVAC company now to find out more about our services and to arrange an appointment.

Service the Golden Rule way

Our service calls have two goals: identify what’s wrong with the system and give you options on how to fix it. You get to decide how you’d like to proceed with the repair, and we’ll make sure you’re quoted a fair price for the work. No, if’s, and’s, or but’s. Just our promise to you.

Minimum fee without repair: $72 (Free for Golden Rule Club Members)

Evaluation with repair: Always FREE

How much does it cost for a duct repair?

Our Average$375

Trusted For New and Replacement Ductwork

Have you noticed a problem with your ductwork? Perhaps you’ve noticed some strange sounds coming from your ducts, or maybe there is a lot of dust coming through your vents when your HVAC is operating.

Your ductwork is designed to carry warm air and cool air throughout your home in the most efficient way possible. When it’s not working as it should be, some rooms might miss out on heating or cooling or your HVAC system might have to work harder to compensate.

Don’t worry. That’s what our services are here for. Let us know if you are experiencing a problem or need new ductwork for a new area of your home. We’ll attend as quickly as we can.


Here are just some of the HVAC ductwork problems we can assist with: 

Hot or cold spots
 Weak airflow
Nasty smells from your vents
Strange sounds

Find Your Local Fleet

Golden Rule operates a fleet of 50+ vehicles servicing the Des Moines, IA, and Salt Lake City, UT, metro areas. This means our technicians are always nearby, ready to assist you with your repair or consultation.

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Your precision check-ups will increase the lifespan of your home’s systems, eliminate most surprise repairs, reduce your monthly energy bills, and much more. And that’s only a fraction of the value you’ll receive when you become a Gold Club Member.
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Duct Repair FAQs

The Best Service For Your HVAC Ducts

Your HVAC ducts carry out a very important function, and it’s essential they are working as efficiently as possible. From complete replacements of ductwork to cleaning and sanitization, we offer all of the services you need under one roof.

We can also help with HVAC maintenance, so why not call us to arrange a complete tune-up of your ductwork and heating and cooling system?

We’ve been offering our services for over 25 years, keeping ductwork throughout the community working perfectly. Whether you live in a large family home or a small apartment, we’re here to tailor our ductwork services to suit your exact needs.

Call the helpful and professional team at Golden Rule today for help with your ductwork that keeps your home at the perfect temperature and your HVAC system working as it should be.

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