Water Filtration



The convenience of modern plumbing puts the water you need at your fingertips on demand but did you know that water filtration in homes can resolve some of the common issues homeowners face with their tap water?

Adding a whole-house water filter can improve your experience with the water you use, making it more suitable for drinking, bathing, and cleaning. Water filtration installation handled by a licensed plumber will ensure you get the most benefit out of your investment. Contact the team at Golden Rule today for a free estimate or to book an appointment.

Whole House Water Filter Benefits

If you’ve ever poured yourself a glass of water only to be repelled by the smell or taste, you probably already know how big the impact of a whole house water filter can be.

From the moment your water filtration installation is complete and your plumbing system is fully back online, you’ll notice your skin and hair feels healthier after showering and your dishes are coming out without the spots you noticed before.

Water filtration is good for parts of your plumbing system as well, since it removes impurities from the water you use, such as natural and added mineral content. This helps to keep your plumbing fixtures cleaner, avoiding the buildup that makes your space look unkempt and making it easier to keep those fixtures clean.


If you’ve noticed any of the following issues, you could benefit from new water filtration installation:

Water has a bad taste
Water smells unpleasant
Showering leaves hair and skin dry
Mineral deposits on plumbing fixtures
Streaks left on clean dishes

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Your Des Moines Water Filtration Professionals

Our plumbing team at Golden Rule knows all the ins and outs of water filtration and can help you define your needs while steering you in the direction of the system that fits your situation best.

Once you choose the option you want, we’ll provide you with a free estimate of the work we’re ready to perform and wait for you to give us the green light to begin.

If you decide the price quoted is outside of your budget capacity, we offer special financing options on approved credit so you can get your whole house water filter now and pay the balance over time.

Before you know it you’ll be enjoying cleaner, less damaging water and you’ll know exactly who to call if there’s ever a problem with the system that was installed.

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