December 11, 2017
By Mark Paup

Why Would I Need a 24‑Hour Plumber?

Updated January 18, 2024

It wasn’t so long ago that few businesses stayed open for 24 hours a day. There wasn’t any need to keep the doors to a company open all the time. But today plenty of odd services have switched to staying open 24/7: print shops, hot dog stands, laundries, florists, etc.

A plumbing contractor, on the other hand… you may not immediately think of a plumber as somebody who should be ready to go to work at a moment’s notice, but 24-hour plumbing services are extremely important. We’re proud to offer around-the-clock emergency plumbing repair service for anybody who needs a plumber throughout the greater Des Moines, IA Metro area. Below are some reasons why you’ll be glad to have us ready to help at any time of the day or night:

Burst Pipes!

Here’s a plumbing nightmare homes may encounter during the winter. When pipes freeze because of poor insulation, it causes a pressure increase in the pipe that may lead to lateral bursting. A burst pipe can lead to water spilling out and a shutdown of whole sections of your plumbing. Our plumbers can quickly replace any burst pipes and get your home back in shape.

Overflowing Toilet!

This is a problem that triggers panic in people—and no wonder! Fortunately, you can stop the flow by turning off the feed valve behind the toilet. If the toilet doesn’t have a feed valve, you can lift the tank lid and rig up the chain to stop the water flow. But you’ll need to have a plumber on the job fast once you’ve managed to prevent further overflow.

No Water!

You suddenly discover there’s no water available anywhere in your home. You know it hasn’t been shut off, and you’ve checked with the neighbors and found out they aren’t having an identical issue. That means there’s a problem with your water line. You can’t get by without running water in your house, so here’s a job that calls for a plumber’s fast assistance.

Clogged Drains!

Yes, clogs in drains are a hassle that you’ve probably run into a few times, and you probably managed to get rid of the clog using a standard plunger. But what happens when you’ve got a clog in one of the most important sinks in your house (like the kitchen or the master bedroom) and a plunger won’t take care of it? Or a clog in the bathtub? Then it’s time to get a plumber in. Don’t try to use chemical cleaners. These can potentially harm the pipes!

No Hot Water!

Loss of hot water is a massive inconvenience that can make it difficult to get numerous basic tasks done. Fixing a water heater isn’t something you can do yourself, either especially if your home uses a gas-powered water heater. Not every plumber can work with a failed water heater—but we can! We’re experts with all the services you may need for whatever type of water heater your home has.

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