January 27, 2020
By Mark Paup

What Is a Leak Detector?

Updated February 1, 2024

It has been estimated that in 2010, the cleanup costs for the average homeowner following extensive water damage to their property totaled between $1,145 and $4,433. Suffice it to say, that’s a lot of cash! With all this money going down the drain, it’s no wonder that many homeowners have started looking for a way to prevent leaks. At Golden Rule, we have seen even small leaks grow to cause major damage too often, which is why we are here to tell you about leak detectors.

Leak detectors can be installed in any room of your home where there is potential for water leaks to occur. That includes the laundry room, bathroom, kitchen, basement, and more. These devices use sensors to alert homeowners when a leak is happening through their smartphone, so they can take immediate action to stop it. Even leaks the size of a pinhole emit a sound, and electronic leak detectors are programmed to pick these sounds up.

Many of the most hi-tech leak detectors on the market operate through Wi-Fi and can be connected directly to your router. Some can also be integrated into your larger smart-home setup. You may want to place one of these devices under your sink, near your water heater, next to the toilet, or any other area on your property that may be prone to experiencing water damage.

Of course, once you have detected a leak, it is still essential to hire an experienced plumber. That’s where Golden Rule comes in. We offer leak repairs from your kitchen to your bathroom to your home’s concrete slab.

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