May 20, 2017
By Mark Paup

Spring AC Tune‑Up: Now’s the Time!

Updated January 23, 2024

A few weeks ago, we looked at the strange way that March weather works. Last week we got a good look at exactly what this means, with lows during the first part of the week down in the 20s and a sudden shift later in the week to highs in the 60s. We can anticipate a few more days of truly cold weather, but the movement toward warm temperatures is going to be steady from now until the peak of summer.

And that means it’s the right time to arrange for your annual air conditioning maintenance from professionals. All it takes is to call our offices to schedule a prompt maintenance visit from one of our AC technicians.

Maintenance: Why Your AC Needs It

Many chores need to be done around springtime to help a home change from the cold seasons to the warmer ones. It’s easy to overlook a few or decide that “they don’t need to be done this year.” However, air conditioning maintenance is an annual necessity. Ignoring it can have major negative effects, including an air conditioning system that breaks down permanently many years too early.

The major benefit of regular maintenance—at least, the one that’s most immediately visible—is that it offers a strong assurance that the AC will make it through the summer without interruption in its operation or a noticeable drop in performance. You don’t want to scramble to find repairs for a malfunctioning AC on the hottest day of the year! Regular maintenance is essentially an “insurance policy” against significant air conditioning problems that can inconvenience you and your family over the summer.

Maintenance is also a way to save money with your air conditioner. There are three ways that regular maintenance pays off:

  • You won’t have as many repair costs. Maintenance checks over the entire air conditioning system to find places where repairs can be prevented. Since around 85% of AC malfunctions are avoidable thanks to regular inspections, these maintenance visits will add up to major savings over the life of the system.
  • The air conditioner will run at higher efficiency. Each year, if an air conditioner misses its spring maintenance, it will lose around 5% or more of its energy efficiency, and utility bills will rise. But an AC that has annual maintenance will retain most of its efficiency rating throughout its service life.
  • The air conditioner will last longer. Instead of needing to pay to replace the unit early, you’ll enjoy 10 to 15 years of steady service from it.

Enroll in a Regular Maintenance Program

Arrange for your spring air conditioning maintenance in the Des Moines and Grimes Metro areas today. We offer membership in our Gold Club, a program that provides you with high-performance tune-ups not only for your air conditioner but also for your heating and plumbing. The Gold Club gives you additional benefits such as a 10% discount off the bottom line for heating and cooling services and a satisfaction guarantee.

Golden Rule: “We Obey the Rules to Live By!”

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