January 12, 2023
By Mark Paup

Should I Repair or Replace My Heat Pump in Iowa?

Updated January 22, 2024

Iowa has the 7th highest relative humidity in the country at 72.4%. The last thing you want during a humid summer day is for your heat pump to stop working or cooling effectively.

If you’re tired of high energy bills or days of poor heat pump performance, you may wonder when you should repair your heat pump—or if it needs replacement. While an HVAC technician will best be able to recommend a repair or replacement after inspecting your system, we can provide you with a general idea of whether you need one.

In this blog, we’ll review:
  • When you should repair your heat pump
  • When you should replace your heat pump

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When Should You Repair Your Heat Pump?

It’s a clear sign that you may need to repair your existing system or install a new one if your heat pump isn’t working well. Some factors to remember while deciding to repair or replace your heat pump:

Does your system have a valid warranty on it?

A valid manufacturer or labor warranty will make your heat pump repair more affordable. These two warranties cover the cost of labor or parts for the repair in the case of a manufacturing or installation defect.

You can check the status of your warranties by looking up your serial number on the manufacturer’s website or reaching out to your installation contractor. The contractor you hire for the repair can also assist you with confirming the status of your warranties.

What is the extent of the repair?

A reputable HVAC technician will need to inspect your system and diagnose the issue. The extent of the repairs needed to get your heat pump back up and running can determine whether or not to repair it. Some intensive heat pump repairs require expensive replacement parts and lengthy labor hours. For example, a broken compressor will cost more to repair than a broken thermostat.

How old is your system?

Older units around the 8-10 year mark will cost more to operate as they are less energy efficient. So, repairing an older unit may not be the best option. A new, more energy-efficient model can save you 20-40% on cooling energy costs.

If you have a valid warranty on a rather new heat pump and it only needs minor repairs, we’d recommend repairing it. Generally, a good rule of thumb is to repair a system if it’s less than 50% of the replacement cost. Otherwise, it’s better to replace it if it meets certain criteria, which we’ll cover next.

When Should You Replace Your Heat Pump?

Replacing your heat pump can be cost-effective if it meets the following conditions:
  • It is unreliable and needs frequent repairs: If your repair bills add up to more than half the cost of a replacement, it may be time for a new unit.
  • It’s more than 8 years old: While heat pumps typically last 10-15 years, industry professionals recommend replacing them at the 8 or 10-year mark as most units start to lose their efficiency at that age. Replacing older units with higher-efficiency ones can pay for itself with lower operating costs.
  • It doesn’t cool as it used to: uneven temperatures throughout your home can be a sign to replace the unit. A non-stop running heat pump, odd noises coming from it, or higher-than-normal indoor humidity are other indicators that the system doesn’t cool like it used to.
  • Its function spikes your energy bills: A properly maintained heat pump can last for over a decade. However, even the best-maintained heat pumps will eventually lose efficiency. Your heat pump may need replacement if you see a spike in your energy bills despite normal usage.

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