September 4, 2017
By Mark Paup

It’s Almost Fall ‑ But Don’t Leave AC Repairs Until Next Year!

Updated January 23, 2024

The first day of fall is less than three weeks away: September 22nd. That means the leaves turning colors, kids going back to school, cooler weather, and planning for Halloween decorations and costumes. Do you have a copy of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown ready to go?

But hold on a minute … before we get deep into the fall planning and pumpkin carving, there are still possible late summer issues to deal with—such as air conditioning malfunctions. Temperatures here in Iowa are coming down from their summer peak, but they’re still warm and ACs are still running to make homes comfortable. If you need to schedule repairs for your air conditioning in Des Moines, IA, you might feel tempted to put the job off because cooler weather is around the corner.

Our best advice—and the same advice you’ll hear from any serious HVAC professional—is never to let air conditioner repairs linger, especially over a season. Always act as soon as you can to call technicians to diagnose your AC’s problem and fix it, no matter how “minor” it may seem, like a grinding sound or a drop in airflow.

Why the urgency? I won’t need the AC much longer

There are some important reasons to never leave an air conditioning system with malfunctions toward the end of the season:

Emergency use

You don’t know when a sudden heatwave might hit and you’ll have to depend on the AC. Early fall weather is often notoriously unpredictable, and you don’t want to face a sudden 90°F September day with an air conditioner that’s ready to keel over and go kaput because it hasn’t been repaired.

Extra operating expenses

Any time an air conditioning system runs with some type of malfunction, even one that doesn’t outwardly limit its cooling power, it forces the system to work harder and drain more electricity. This is throwing money away on your monthly utility bills. And if you leave the AC in this condition when it shuts off for the final time in autumn, you’ll start next spring with a cooling system that’s still wasting power.

Increased repair costs

An air conditioner is a complex mechanical refrigeration system. Its parts don’t operate in isolation. A malfunction in one part starts to affect the others, so the longer a single malfunction remains unrepaired, the more likely the problem will spread. If you delay with arranging to have the AC fixed, you’ll likely end up shelling out much more for the eventual repairs.

Reduced system life

It’s never a wise idea to allow a mechanical system to run with extra strain. The additional wear and tear will shorten its service life. This applies to an air conditioner as much as to a car or any other important home appliance. To get the most years from your air conditioner, see that it stays in top condition with prompt repair work.

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