October 25, 2016
By Mark Paup

How Geothermal Heating Makes Winter Easier!

One of the services that we offer our customers is the installation of geothermal heat pumps, also known as ground-source heat pumps. These systems are becoming increasingly popular for homes as a way to deliver both cooling and heating around the year.

The indoor heat pump components of a geothermal system are similar to those found in a standard heat pump (an air-source heat pump). The difference is in the outside components: instead of using a refrigerant coil exposed to the air to carry out heat exchange, a geothermal system uses ground loops filled with an anti-freeze mixture buried around 10 feet deep into the earth. The loops absorb heat from the ground in heating mode and deposit heat during cooling mode.

Why This Is So Beneficial in Winter

A geothermal heat pump is a powerful way to cool off the home over a hot summer, but it’s during the winter that the advantages are the most noticeable. An air-source heat pump can encounter a struggle during cold weather because it must extract thermal energy from the outdoor air—and if it’s far below freezing outside, that can be a problem. But a geothermal heat pump doesn’t have this trouble because the temperature of the earth at the depth of the ground loops remains relatively stable. No matter how cold it may get topside, the temperature down on the ground stays at around 55°F, with a few minor fluctuations. This is ample heat for a heat pump to absorb the thermal energy necessary to keep a home warm and not experience a drop in energy efficiency.

When you compare the winter performance of a geothermal heat pump to either an air-source heat pump or a furnace, you’ll find the energy savings are tremendous. Even though a geothermal heat pump costs more to install than other systems, it will quickly pay off those costs in a few years—and you’ll have many more years to enjoy lower heating bills afterward.

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