February 22, 2016
By Mark Paup

How Geothermal Heating And Cooling Helps The Environment

If you are like many homeowners today, you’re probably concerned about the effect that your home is having on the environment. Choosing to install a geothermal heating and cooling system (i.e., a geothermal heat pump or “ground-source” heat pump) is an excellent step toward making your entire home far more eco-friendly. Even if you never thought that your home could take advantage of geothermal power, you might be surprised to find out the truth when you call our geothermal installation specialists. Geothermal systems are advancing all the time, and they offer more opportunities today than ever before.

Here are some specific ways that going geothermal is positive for the environment

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions:

A geothermal system doesn’t release harmful emissions that can contribute to climate change.

Less energy use:

Any time that you have a system in your home that significantly reduces the amount of power you use, it helps the environment. You’ll draw less on the electrical grid, and that means far less coal consumption and a drop in our dependence on fossil fuels and the pollution they create.

Renewable energy source:

Unlike coal and fossil fuels, the energy that a geothermal heat pump uses is renewable. There’s no end to the heat that comes from the earth itself. You’re supporting a sustainable energy source that doesn’t take anything from the earth.

A geothermal system provides immediate benefits to you (lower heating and cooling bills, access to stable temperatures any time of the year) and numerous long‑term benefits to the environment.

And even though a geothermal installation is a large project that costs more than installing a standard air-source heat pump, it will pay back the extra costs in a few years—and it can last more than 50 years!

For answers to all your questions about geothermal heating and cooling, call Golden Rule. We serve Indianola, IA, and all the Greater Des Moines Area.

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