Updated January 18, 2024

Heat pumps are fantastic ways to take care of the year-round comfort requirements in a home. They operate as cooling systems for summer, then easily switch over the heating during the winter. All it takes is an adjustment to the thermostat.

But heat pumps do have a drawback… in deep cold weather, they can start to lose energy efficiency because it’s too much strain to draw enough thermal energy from the outdoor air. If you’re in a situation, where your heat pump won’t keep up during the winter, you have several alternatives.

Install a Newer Model of Heat Pump

The technology of heat pumps continues to improve with each year. The newest models of heat pumps can handle temperatures far below freezing without an efficiency drop. If you have a heat pump that’s more than 10 years old, you might be able to overcome the problem by simply replacing it. Make sure you contact professionals for replacement services: they’ll find a heat pump with the power you need.

Consider a Hybrid Heat Pump

A hybrid heat pump combines a standard heat pump with a backup heating system that runs on a different fuel source. Most of the time, this is a propane-powered furnace. When the heat pump senses that it is losing efficiency, it temporarily turns on the secondary heat source to assist and make up the difference.

Look into Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are types of heat pumps. But instead of using the air outside for thermal energy in heating mode, a geothermal system uses the stable heat of the earth. Geothermal systems offer better energy efficiency throughout the year, and they can last longer than standard heat pumps… often by decades!

Our heating professionals are happy to help you find the best heat pump option (or other types of home heaters) to see that you enjoy excellent winter comfort and summer cooling.

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