As the weather continues to warm up during the spring, with the first day of summer not that far distant, heat pumps are going to settle into cooling mode and remain there. If you’ve had a heat pump for more than a year, you know how much you depend on the easy way it switches from one mode to the other to provide your home with the kind of comfort it needs for every season.

But what if your heat pump won’t do what it’s supposed to? If you turn your heat pump over to cooling mode, yet you feel either hot or room temperature air coming from it, then you may need to call on professionals to repair it.

But first, check on these possibilities…
  • Is the thermostat set correctly? You may have programmed the thermostat in a way that will prevent the heat pump from switching between modes.
  • Have you changed the air filter recently? This filter needs to be changed at the start of the cooling season. If it is too heavily clogged, it will severely limit how well the heat pump can effectively cool down the air.
If the system is broken, the problem could be…
  • A faulty reversing valve. This is the component that’s responsible for the heat pump changing between heating and cooling modes. If the valve becomes stuck in one position, it won’t be able to change out of heating mode to cooling. It will take repair professionals to replace the valve and restore the system.
  • Loss of refrigerant. If refrigerant escapes from leaks along the refrigerant line, it will make it difficult for the heat pump to absorb heat from the air. Refrigerant leaks must be sealed, and the system recharged, and only professionals are qualified to handle refrigerant.
  • A failed thermostat. A thermostat that isn’t registering the correct indoor temperature, or which has lost its connection to the reversing valve will cause the heat pump to fail to provide cooling.
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