In recent years, the practice known as “zoning” has become increasingly popular in the heating and cooling industry. This refers to redirecting airflow to regulate and balance temperatures in distinct zones throughout your house. However, many homeowners remain unaware that they have the option to install a zone control system to do this.

Conventionally, zoning is done by using your thermostat to redirect air, yet this often just leads to more temperature inefficiencies and may wear your HVAC system down quicker. When we perform zoning system upgrades, our expert technicians install electronically controlled dampers, each of which comes with its special thermostat. We may also modify your air handler and control board for optimum efficiency.

Regardless of what you are looking for, what is true of every zone control upgrade is that it should be done by a qualified professional. Installing or replacing this equipment involves making modifications to your ductwork, which can easily mess up your whole HVAC system if you are not careful.

But there are multiple benefits of an HVAC zoning system if it is installed right. Fortunately, at Golden Rule, our Grimes HVAC pros not only offer multiple options for zone system installation and replacement but can provide ongoing repairs and maintenance to keep your system in perfect shape, too.

The top benefits of upgrading to an HVAC zoning system are:

  • More Temperature Options: The traditional problem with heating and cooling equipment is that it does not necessarily make sense to set a uniform temperature for every room of your house. Given the size of, say, your bedroom versus your living room, traditional thermostats are usually not able to adequately regulate appropriate amounts of hot and cold air. With zoning systems, you can ensure every room in your house gets the amount of heating/cooling it deserves, and even customize the temperature in certain rooms based on different people in your family’s preferences.
  • More Energy Efficiency: Traditional HVAC systems often lose as much air as they retain. Depending on how well-insulated your home is or isn’t, or how many pockets there are for the air to enter and escape, you could end up wasting more heating and cooling power than you are using. With zoning systems, you can regulate this, bringing greater flexibility to your ducts and figuring out which rooms need more air and which rooms need less. This brings us to our next point…
  • More Savings: More energy-efficient HVAC equipment means less wasted heating and cooling power which also means less wasted money. In the past, controlling your ducts has been difficult, but with our electronically controlled dampers and special thermostats, you can not only redirect airflow based on personal preferences but customize your system to use the optimum amount of air for any given season.

Don’t let your heating and air conditioning power go to waste! Upgrade to a money-saving, energy-efficient HVAC zoning system by calling Golden Rule today at (515) 517-6557, or sending us a message online.

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