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Golden Rule Process

Get the Golden Rule Treatment on Your Next Furnace Installation

Golden Rule has been installing furnaces in Des Moines for over 20 years. In fact, we install more furnaces today than we ever have. That success is a testament to our mission: to obey the golden rule in everything we do. Golden rule service means installing higher quality systems and delivering more value through better customer service, faster scheduling, and stronger protections. With that said, if you need a furnace replacement, give your friends at Golden Rule a call. Our estimates are always free!

Find out how each part of our furnace install process applies The Golden Rule:


Scheduling Your Furnace Estimate

Fast, Friendly & Convenient Scheduling in 3 Steps!

  1. Reach out to us: When you're ready to schedule a free furnace install estimate, you have two convenient ways of doing so: by phone, or online. We'll have your in-home estimate booked in minutes!
  2. Get call reminders: You won't ever have to worry about missing your appointment when you schedule with Golden Rule. You'll receive courtesy reminders the day before and the day of your scheduled estimate visit.
  3. Meet your System Engineer: We'll text you your system engineer's name, picture, and bio on the day of your estimate, so you'll know exactly who's showing up at your door.

Want even more reasons to schedule with Golden Rule?

  • SMS text confirmations for your appointment
  • Real-time location updates when your tech is on the way
  • Expert installers receive ongoing training

Quoting Your Furnace Installation

How much does it cost to install a furnace in Des Moines?

  • Low $4,500
  • Our Average $7,000
  • High $16,000

Estimates the Golden Rule way

At Golden Rule, our goal is to give each customer the kind of estimate that we'd want for ourselves—one that's transparent, honest, and free from sales pressure. And that's exactly what you'll get when you call us for your furnace estimate.

  • Cost of your estimate: FREE
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What factors affect the cost of a furnace install?

  • Efficiency of the unit: Furnaces come in a variety of efficiency scores, known as AFUE ratings. AFUE is important because it determines the cost-effectiveness of running the system. You can save on energy bills with a higher AFUE system, but the system itself costs more upfront to buy. The good news is there are high-efficiency systems for every budget, and a Golden Rule engineer can help you find the perfect one.
  • Unit add-ons: With the advent of smart home thermostats, whole-home air cleaners, and climate controls via zoning, customers have more options than ever to upgrade their furnace systems. All of these come at additional costs of course. But you'll never catch a Golden Rule System Engineer trying to sell you something you don't need. We only bring them up because they're cool to have!
  • Home renovations: Your new furnace system may require additional renovations such as ductwork repairs or alterations to plumbing and electrical fixtures. The good news is we have service divisions that can help with all of it, so you won't need to juggle multiple contractors.

They are the best for a handful of reasons. Responsive, genuinely having my best interest in mind, fair prices, and amazing warranty. So thankful for this company.

—Ben T.

Installing Your Furnace System

We imagined the perfect furnace installation...Then we made it a reality for our customers

  • CraftsmanshipWe source the industries most trusted brands for our homes and the homes of our customers.
  • ConvenienceWe'll help you get approved you for any relevant clean-energy rebates available.
  • ProfessionalismOur lead installers are NATE-certified and trained at our in-house facility.
  • CleanlinessWe pride ourselves in keeping a clean workspace. Shoe covers are mandatory.
  • ReliabilityThousands of successful HVAC installations completed every year.
  • KindnessWe have portable units we can bring over while you wait for your installation.

Furnace Installation FAQ

If you know you want a furnace in your home, you need to figure out what type you want to install. When you contact Golden Rule Plumbing, Heating & Cooling for service, we can help guide you through the entire process.

There are three basic energy sources that your furnace can use to heat your home, including:

  • Gas: Natural gas is a highly effective and energy-efficient source of energy for your heating system. We can provide comprehensive gas piping in addition to the furnace itself.
  • Propane: If you don’t have a gas line hookup near your home, then you may want to opt for propane, which can be stored in a tank outside the home.
  • Electricity: The conversion of electric to thermal energy is the cleanest possible energy source, but it may not be the most cost-effective. Nevertheless, for homes without gas piping installed, electric furnaces make a viable option.

  • Age: Check when your furnace was installed. If it's over 10, it may be time to replace it. Although a well-cared-for furnace can last more than two decades, this is usually the point where it will start to decline steeply. You’ve already gotten a great service life from it, and you should be glad it lasted so long.
  • Rising heating bills: A furnace that is coming to the end of its mechanical life will start to drain more power than it should, and you’ll see this reflected in your utility bills. If repairs don’t reverse the rising costs, ask the technicians about replacing the system.
  • Loud operation: A single strange noise from a furnace often points toward a malfunction. But constant loud noises whenever it’s running usually warns that the system is too worn down to keep.
  • Incessant repair needs: Are you paying more than $500 in repairs each year to keep the furnace running? That’s too high, and it’s time to think about a replacement.

Protecting Your Furnace Installation

Service Protections

1-Year Labor Warranty

Golden Rule offers a 1-year labor warranty for all furnace installs. If you need repairs within a year of the install, we'll return and fix it without charging for labor.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We promise to give you a furnace installation that meets or exceeds your expectations. If for any reason that didn't happen, we'll go above and beyond to resolve your concern.

The Gold Club: Maintenance Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

What do over 10,000 Des Moines metro homeowners have in common? They're all protected by the state's most comprehensive whole-home maintenance plan, The Golden Rule Gold Club!

With the Gold Club, you'll receive three annual scheduled maintenance visits (heating, cooling and plumbing), plus discounts on repairs, priority service, no trip charges, and more for less than $9 a month!

About Us

The R.U.L.E.S. We Live By

The pride of Golden Rule is our outstanding service and the rules we live by every day. We hold our customer service very highly and want to make sure you are taken care of to the best of our ability. No matter the problem, we will take care of you.

Below are our values or “rules to live by":

  • Respect: We will always treat our customers the way we would like to be treated.
  • Understanding: We understand that a prompt response is what our customers deserve.
  • Loyalty: We are loyal to our pledge that we treat each customer’s home like it's their castle.
  • Expertise: We’re masters at our trade because we never stop training.
  • Service: We serve our community with the highest of ethical standards.

Customer Review

Our house is so much more comfortable now with the new furnace...

We had our furnace replaced after the old furnace stopped working. They were able to do the installation the following day and did a great job setting it up. They walked me through all the components and made sure I knew what maintenance needed to be performed routinely to keep it running at optimum performance. Our house is so much more comfortable now with the new furnace. I couldn’t be happier with how well they took care of us. —Adam K.

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