October 24, 2019
By Mark Paup

What’s the Difference Between Furnaces & Boilers?

Updated January 26, 2024

You have probably heard HVAC technicians refer to furnaces and boilers often over time. Both are common heating units in this part of the country, and both provide effective relief. However, if you’ve owned one and not the other, or are considering purchasing an HVAC system for the first time, you may be wondering what the difference between furnaces and boilers is.

Furnaces 101

Furnaces keep you comfortable during the colder months by warming up the air in your home. This process is called “forced air-heating,” and is done using gas burners or electrical heating coils, depending on what kind of unit you have. Your furnace uses these components in a heat exchange process designed to match the temperature of your thermostat. Once your air has reached this temperature, it can then be distributed throughout your home using air ducts and blowers, providing comfort and warmth for everyone.

All About Boilers

As opposed to heating the air itself, boilers heat the objects in a given room. This is done through a process called “radiant heating,” which uses a natural gas flame to heat a tank of water. The water in the said tank is then pumped through pipes into your home’s radiators. The radiators circulate heat around the room they are in, warming up furniture, floors, and your household in general.

Which System Is Right for Me?

While both furnaces and boilers have their advantages, selecting the unit that is right for you depends largely on personal preference and what kind of home you live in. Boilers work quicker than most furnaces and allow homeowners to set their thermostats a few degrees lower than they would with a furnace. However, while boilers do provide more energy efficiency, they are generally more expensive to maintain, install, and repair than furnaces. And while boilers may be better for your air quality because they don’t rely on ductwork, they can cause severe water damage to your property if their pipes leak or freeze.

Fortunately, regardless of whichever option you prefer, Golden Rule has everything you need. We offer boiler installation and repair in addition to furnace installation and repair, as well as a range of other heating options to suit your property. Call now for available promotions and financing and get the heating equipment you need to prepare for winter.

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