January 20, 2015
By Mark Paup

What’s That Gurgling Sound?

Updated January 17, 2024

We take a lot of noises in our home for granted: the whoosh of air coming through vents, the low sound of the refrigerator operating, and the click of the thermostat. Sometimes we may think that certain sounds are normal, but the truth is, they aren’t. One of these sounds is gurgling that comes from a drain as water flows down. If you are hearing this sound come from any of the drains of your bathroom plumbing in Johnston, it’s time to call for help from your Golden Rule specialist.

What Is It?

A gurgling sound from a drain means that air is being released from air pockets that have formed inside the piping. These air pockets are created by build-up inside your pipes that have become significant. If the build-up isn’t removed, it is likely that at some point the drain will clog fully.

Ways to Remove Build‑Up

There are a couple of DIY ways you can remove build-up, but they may not be effective by the time you hear a gurgling sound. The first method to try is combining a cup of baking soda and a cup of white vinegar in your drain. First, pour the baking soda into the drain, then the white vinegar. Close the mouth of the drain with a stopper and let the combination sit for several hours or even overnight. Pour boiling water down the drain and see if the gurgling sound has disappeared. You can also attempt to plunge a slow drain, but that may not help in the long term. If these remedies don’t work, a professional drain cleaning can clear the build-up from your drain, allowing for the free flow of your wastewater.

Always Call a Professional for Plumbing Work

Clearing drains or executing any other kind of repair work should always be handled by a trained plumber. Professional plumbers have the tools necessary for all kinds of plumbing repair and they know how to use them without causing damage.

If you are experiencing issues with your bathroom or other household plumbing in Johnston, call the experts at Golden Rule today!

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