April 2, 2019
By Mark Paup

Schedule Routine HVAC to Avoid Extreme Des Moines Temperatures

Updated January 23, 2024

With winter finally receding into memory and the extreme heat of summer still weeks in the future, there is no better time for an annual inspection and service of any home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (HVAC).

According to Golden Rule in Des Moines, such annual maintenance is critical to sustaining the long-term life of a home’s most critical system, its HVAC equipment.

“Annual maintenance is incredibly helpful to keep you aware of the condition of your older equipment,” said Bobby Johnson, sales and marketing manager at Golden Rule. “It sets expectations for the upcoming seasons, so you are not caught off guard and left with a hot house!”

Although the highly trained professional technicians at Golden Rule conduct system checks throughout the year in existing homes, Johnson recommends scheduling a tune-up on air conditioning systems now.

“We focus on the older equipment, 15-plus years, in the spring and fall to try and catch any irregularities before the heat or cold of the seasons hit,” said Johnson.

According to Johnson, such annual maintenance can reduce costs on repairs and extend the life of heating and cooling equipment.

“Maintenance helps get the most out of your system,” said Johnson.

Annual maintenance is also crucial for well-being and peace of mind within any home.

“Safety comes into play when you are dealing with furnaces. Annual inspections can detect if there is a CO2 issue leaking into the house,” noted Johnson.

Maintenance of HVAC systems is available by appointment and is especially easy for members of Golden Rule’s Gold Club. For annual members, Golden Rule’s expert technicians perform two complete system checks each year, covering both the furnace and the air conditioner. Knowledgeable professionals check all levels and specifications of systems’ inner-working parts and conduct a thorough cleaning of the equipment.

The Gold Club Membership is available for $99 and covers 12 months. The program offers front-of-the-line service and negates both trip fees and diagnostics charges. Members also receive ten percent off needed repairs.

To become a Gold Club member or to schedule an inspection of air conditioning systems in any existing home from Golden Rule, call 515-393-4526.

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