March 14, 2017
By Mark Paup

Preparing a Sump Pump for Spring

Updated February 5, 2024

When the weather starts to warm up here in Iowa during spring, one of the major threats that homes face is flooding in basements and crawlspaces. Snowmelt creates the largest danger during the year of water damage in homes.

The best way to defend your home against spring flooding is with a sump pump. A sump pump installed in a basement or crawlspace automatically removes excess water from the area and sends it into the wastewater system or a well.

Checking Your Sump Pump

If you already have a sump pump installed for your house, make sure that it is prepped for potential floodwaters. There are a few basic steps you can take to see that the sump pump is in good shape. First, pour water into the sump (the water collection pit); 5 gallons is a good amount. The pump should automatically turn on. Wait for the pump to remove the water and shut itself off. Then pour in more water to see if the pump will turn back on and off. If the pump fails to come on in either test, schedule repairs for it right away.

After testing the sump pump, check around the sump to see if there is any debris that may be sucked up into the pump as it operates. Remove as much as possible. Then clean out the weep hole of the pump, which is a hole located between the pump and the check valve. Use a toothpick or cotton swab to see that it’s clear.

If you’ve had your sump pump for a few years already, we recommend scheduling complete professional maintenance for it, even if it seems as if it’s working fine. This precaution ensures that any minor problem is caught before it can become a major problem.

If you want to have a sump pump installed for the spring season, or your current sump pump requires repairs, contact us. We offer full plumbing services to Des Moines, IA, and the greater Des Moines area.

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