February 15, 2016
By Mark Paup

One of the Great HVAC Myths: “If It’s Working, It’s Fine”

Updated January 23, 2024

We’ve worked in the HVAC industry for many years, and during that time our team of specialists has encountered numerous misunderstandings about how air conditioning and heating systems operate. Some of these myths aren’t harmful in themselves: they just show why it’s necessary to always rely on professionals with the best training possible. But other misunderstandings can lead to a homeowner delaying in arranging for service for a heater or AC, triggering an unnecessary rise in bills and probably an early system breakdown.

“Working” is not the same as “Working Well”

It’s useful to make a comparison between a heater/air conditioner and an automobile. Although a car’s engine may come on and the vehicle moves from one place to another, that doesn’t mean the car is in good shape or should be driven. Low tire pressure can result in an abrupt blow-out on the freeway and will also mean wasted gas. An engine low on oil can overheat. An old battery might give out. These problems need to be fixed before the car is used again.

The same applies to air conditioners and heaters. They may turn on and supply some level of comfort, but if they’re struggling to do so, you can’t just ignore the problem. Strange sounds coming from the system, odd smells, short cycling, cold and hot spots in the house… all of these indicate that the heater or air conditioner is suffering from malfunctions. If these problems are left without a remedy, eventually the system will stop working entirely, and at that point, it will cost a great deal more to repair, and may even need a replacement.

Another thing to consider is that an HVAC system running without any sort of fault, even one that doesn’t seem to be affecting comfort, will cause it to drain excess energy. Don’t simply decide to “live with” a higher utility bill! Call for repair technicians.

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