November 15, 2018
By Mark Paup

Market Leadership About More than Bottom Line for Local HVAC Provider

Golden Rule is the area’s authority in plumbing and HVAC. Being a market leader, however, is about more than successful business levels of plumbing, heating, and cooling. By following life’s Golden Rule, this company provides world-class customer service, making sure that customers benefit from its philosophy of treating others as anyone wants to be treated. As the only truly service-focused plumbing and HVAC company in the Des Moines metro, Golden Rule focuses on existing residential homes.

“Our advantage is being able to get to our residential customer quicker,” said Bobby Johnson, sales and marketing manager at Golden Rule.

Timely service is critical to homeowners facing a plumbing emergency or a cold home in the dead of winter. The company’s fast response is implemented through its large fleet of service vehicles – more than 30 – and its highly skilled technicians.

Golden Rule further supports its home-owning customers by leading the way with important home systems maintenance. Annual maintenance boosts safety and peace of mind, reducing repair costs and extending the life of heating and cooling equipment.

“Maintenance helps get the most out of your system,” said Johnson. “We have the best and cheapest annual maintenance plan at $99.”

Extending the Golden Rule philosophy to employees has landed Golden Rule among Des Moines’ most respected places to work. This company has been repeatedly recognized as one of the area’s top employers.

“Golden Rule is a great place to work because we live the Golden Rule, even offering employee perks and benefits that are unheard of including guaranteed paid time and whole family paid insurance,” said Johnson.

Golden Rule employees enjoy access to all Des Moines offers including concerts, sports, and events thanks to relationships the company has built with respected advertising partners. Johnson said that being aligned with major brands including KCCI and Hy-Vee, market leaders in their industries, is a huge honor for Golden Rule. The company is proud that these partnerships help it give back and assist many area residents in need.

“For four years, we have partnered with KCCI and Hy-Vee to sponsor Scan Away Hunger through Hope Ministries,” said Johnson. “This is a huge way we give back to our community by supporting our homeless and those in need through this food drive that generates food and monetary donations.”

By keeping life’s Golden Rule in mind, Golden Rule has built a successful, marketing-leading business offering outstanding service for homeowners, a great work environment for employees, and important support for the local community.

Golden Rule can extend its leadership to any homeowner with plumbing and HVAC needs. To learn more or schedule a service call 515-393-4526.

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