October 1, 2018
By Mark Paup

Is There a Reason for Drain Cleaning When My Drains Aren’t Clogged?

Updated February 5, 2024

Does “drain cleaning” sound like something you call for when you’ve got a blocked-up kitchen sink or toilet? That’s one of the reasons to have drain cleaning done. If you cannot get rid of a pesky drain clog using methods such as a plunger or a drain snake, the best step is to have a professional plumber come to your home to clean the drains. (Don’t use chemical drain cleaners, which can be harmful to your drains and you!)

However, professional drain cleaning is also a preventive measure and a job we recommend homes schedule once a year, clogs or no clogs. You’ll find out that “no clogs” is often what happens thanks to draining cleaning!

Why Regular Drain Cleaning Is Beneficial

Maybe you need some convincing that drain cleaning as a regular maintenance service is a good idea. No problem! We have a long history of offering drain cleaning in Des Moines, IA as well as many other plumbing services, so we know all about the ways people benefit from routine drain cleaning.

  • Fewer clogs: Although objects knocked down drains can create clogs (which is why we recommend drain covers for sink and tub drains), the majority happen because of build-up along the drainpipe walls. This build-up can be from organic material or minerals, but it’s hard to remove except with professional drain cleaning tools such as hydro-jetters and mechanical drain augers. Regular drain cleaning takes away these deposits, making it more likely that you’ll sail through the following year with no clogs or slow drains to create hassles.
  • Long plumbing life: You might think of the piping in your house as something that will last forever. This isn’t the case, but you can help the pipes last for decades longer if you take care of them. Drain cleaning removes build-up that can cause serious damage to pipes. For example, soap scum build-up can create a chemical reaction leading to corrosion. Drain cleaning will help keep pipe replacement jobs from happening. (However, if you have extremely old pipes in your house—made from steel or iron—we recommend replacing them no matter what.)
  • Hygienic: Have you ever encountered bad smells coming from your drains? Sometimes this is simple trouble with a dried p-trap. But if these smells are routine, then the drains probably need to be cleaned. Scheduling annual cleaning will stop these problems from starting, and also keep away other troubles like sewer flies.

We understand that homeowners often feel reluctant to pay for prevention services—but regular drain cleaning is worth it! You can trust our plumbers and their rooter service to ensure you receive the most extensive drain cleaning possible. Of course, we also provide drain cleaning as needed when you’ve got immediate clogs, and we provide emergency service for when that clog can’t wait. We use the best in state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to see that the job gets done fast and right the first time.

If you want a Service Provider who will treat you and your home like their own, then call Golden Rule today.

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