June 20, 2016
By Mark Paup

How to Keep Your Home Cooler During Parties

Updated January 17, 2024

The air conditioning system in your home is designed to handle the specific needs of the household, i.e. match the number of people usually inside. Residential air conditioning systems aren’t designed with large crowds in mind, but there may be occasional times when you’ll have a large crowd at your house, such as when you decide to hold a party.

Even the best residential air conditioning system may struggle with the needs of cooling down a large number of people. Each guest at a party is essentially bringing their own heating system of 98.6°F with them—plus extra humidity! What can you do to help the AC keep all your guests comfortable and cool?

First, make sure the air conditioner doesn’t have anything wrong with it

We hope you’ve already scheduled your maintenance for your air conditioner. (If not, have this done before your party!) This is the best way to make sure that the AC is in a top condition not only for any gathering you might hold but for the whole summer. In the days before your event, pay close attention to the operation of the AC to see if anything seems amiss, such strange noises or low airflow from the vents. Call HVAC professionals if you suspect something’s wrong.

Run the AC for a few days before the party date

Keep the air conditioner running more than you often would during the few days before the party. This is to help dry out the moisture in the home and lower the indoor humidity. Having a dehumidifier installed is an even better way to eliminate as much humidity as possible. In this case, it’s okay to have a house on the drier side.

Don’t wait to turn on the system for the party

Adjust the thermostat so that it’s 5°F lower than the normal household comfort level a few hours before the party begins. You’ll feel a bit chilled before the guest begins to arrive, but it will help immensely at keeping people comfortable as the house fills up.

Do you need help with your AC to plan for a party? Call Golden Rule. We serve Grimes, IA and the Des Moines Metro area.

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