April 25, 2016
By Mark Paup

Can’t I Just Purchase a Drain Snake and Use It Myself?

Updated: January 16, 2024

One of the principal jobs that our plumbers provide to customers is rooter services that clean out drain lines. This is useful not only for regular drain cleaning that helps to keep the plumbing system in excellent shape but also for handling obstinate clogs that a standard plunger just won’t clear.

However, you might wonder why you would need a plumber to use a drain snake on your drains to eliminate a clog when drain snakes are easily available in stores through numerous online retailers. Is there any reason to actually call up plumbers when you’ve got a drain snake handy?

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Store‑bought drain snakes vs. professional drain snakes

First of all, a drain snake is a good item to keep handy in a home. A basic hand-crank drain snake (a.k.a. a drain auger) is a much better option for getting rid of a minor clog than resorting to chemical drain cleaners. In fact, you should never use these chemicals on your drains! If a plunger doesn’t work, a drain snake can sometimes provide a quick fix to the trouble.

However, these drain snakes are, at best, only a temporary solution. And they are not effective at actually cleaning the drain. Most of the time, these drain snakes will only punch a hole through the clog to allow water to drain out. The debris will remain stuck to the drainpipe walls and probably cause another clog a short time later. There will also be heavy clogs that simply won’t respond to simple hand-crank drain snakes.

Professional drain snakes are motorized and can completely remove the toughest clogs while providing thorough cleaning. It takes training to correctly use a motorized drain snake, and they are also too expensive for non-professionals. When you’re dealing with a tough clog, or you want your drains fully cleaned to prevent issues in the future, contact licensed professional plumbers who offer rooter services.

If you have a clog in your home, you should hire a professional plumber in Grimes, IA, to snake the drains. Why? You run the risk of harming your plumbing and yourself in several different ways:

  • Interior Pipe & Fixture Damage

A DIY drain snake could result in damaged pipes and fixtures, especially if your home is older. Porcelain is easily scratched and aging pipes are more prone to corrosion. If your pipes are rusted, this could cause a water leak or a rupture.

  • Polluted Water

Blocked plumbing usually involves contaminated water. Snaking a clogged drain can cause sewage water and bacteria to surge upward and splash onto you, causing illness.

  • Injuries

The top of the snakes’ heads can be sharp and can cause injury if not handled properly. This can be even worse if contaminated water splashes into your wound or cut, resulting in infection.

  • Make it Worse

It might seem faster or easier to handle a clogged drain yourself, but sometimes this can make the issue worse. Even though blockages are usually from foreign objects in a drain, mineral build up can sometimes be the cause. Snaking could then knock them loose and create a larger issue.

  • Incorrect Tools

Did you know there’s several different types of drain snakes, each designed to handle certain problems? A professional plumber is skilled at analyzing a plumbing issue and selecting the right tool for the job.

Golden Rule offers professional drain snake and rooter services to Des Moines, IA, and the surrounding areas. Call us when you want a service provider who’ll treat your home like their own!

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