January 13, 2023
By Mark Paup

Benefits of Drain Clearing & Maintenance

Updated January 22, 2024

Clearing your drains may not be the most exciting thing to schedule and budget for. But regular drain maintenance can provide long-lasting benefits for you, your home, and your finances. It’s a great way to save money and prevent surprise repairs. Whether you book an individual drain clearing or join a precision check-up plan, you’re boosting the function of your plumbing system.

Just one drain clearing each year can help you:
  • Improve drainage
  • Extend the life of your water pipe
  • Maximize your plumbing system’s efficiency
  • Have greater peace of mind

We’ll review the above benefits and why regular drain clearing is important.

Contact Golden Rule for Reliable Drain Clearing

Des Moines Metro homeowners trust Golden Rule for reliable drain clearings because our expert drain specialists can clear the toughest clogs in an hour. We come prepared with top-of-the-line drain-clearing equipment, from rooters to drain cameras.

Even better, we provide same-day appointments until 7 pm Monday through Friday, and we have the fastest response time in the area.

Give our team a call at 515-393-4526 or schedule with us below to experience 5-star service! You can also contact us to enroll in our Gold Club maintenance plan for whole-home coverage.

Improves Drainage

It’s common to see grease and waste buildup inside water pipes. This buildup can include debris, hair, soap scum, and other food particles. It prevents your plumbing system from draining properly. Not to mention that improperly draining drains can cause long-term damage if not resolved in time.

Drain clearing removes buildup and improves your home’s drainage. When your plumbing fixtures perform at their best, you can use them smoothly and efficiently. Since you use your plumbing and drain systems daily, they must function properly to keep up with your household size and water usage. A plumber can help you determine a drain-clearing schedule that best suits your needs.

Extend the Life of Your Water Pipes

Regular drain clearing and maintenance can extend the life of your home’s plumbing system, meaning you won’t have to replace them until absolutely needed. Clearing out your water pipes and ensuring no blockages means debris won’t corrode or break them.

A professional will repair any minor problems before they snowball into big, costly repairs and clear out any clogs. These minor repairs are critical as the development of severe drain clogs can lead to water or sewage leaks and property damage that costs hundreds or thousands to resolve.

Maximize Your Plumbing System’s Efficiency

During a check-up, a plumber can help you maximize your plumbing system’s efficiency by inspecting your systems and recommending upgrades that reduce water usage or improve drainage. For instance, the plumber may recommend low-flow faucets that use less water but still perform and drain the same. You can reap the benefits of reduced water usage and bills by improving your home’s efficiency.

Have Greater Peace of Mind

Drain clearing and maintenance by trusted professionals can help provide you with greater peace of mind. Preventing and removing major clogs will reduce the potential for future major leaks, clogs, repairs, or water damage. Consistent plumbing care means consistently excellent plumbing performance.

Des Moines Metro Homeowners Rely on Golden Rule for Drain Clearing

At Golden Rule, we provide Des Moines Metro homeowners with convenient options for drain clearings. You can book an individual service or enroll in our Gold Club membership for whole-home full-service maintenance coverage. Regardless of your choice, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 1-year labor warranty for your peace of mind.

Our drain-clearing services include hydro jetting, which involves using pressurized water to blast the clog out of your water pipe. It’s the perfect chemical-free solution for tough grease buildups or deep clogs that a drain snake can’t reach.

Call us today at 515-393-4526 or schedule below to avoid expensive plumbing emergencies and see why we have over five thousand 5-star reviews!

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