February 16, 2016
By Mark Paup

Air Duct Leaks And Cold Spots In Your Home

Updated January 23, 2024

Although we can see the end of winter in sight on our calendars, there still is plenty more cold to go before we can shut down our heating systems and start to think about moving to air conditioning. During the latter days of winter, pay close attention to problems that might start up in the heating system as well as the ventilation system, and call for repairs as soon as possible. This isn’t the time to put off heating problems hoping that warm weather will come to rescue you!

Leaky air ducts

One of the more common troubles that homeowners encounter with comfort in the second half of winter is the appearance of cold spots in places around the home. Some rooms are cozy and are at the right temperature, while others just won’t warm up the way they should. One possible reason for this is inferior insulation in the cold rooms that allows too much heat to escape. (We have insulation services to help with this.) But another common cause of this uneven heating is leaking in the air ducts.

Most ductwork in modern homes is made from flexible plastic, and this plastic can develop holes along its length over time. If this occurs, heated air will escape from the ventilation system, and the vents connected to that length of ductwork will receive lukewarm or even cold air. Along with hurting comfort, this is also a tremendous waste of energy: 30% of the air in the ventilation system can escape through these gaps, which means that you’re paying to heat air that you never actually get. (And this affects your air conditioning system as well!)

Sealing ductwork is a job for professionals. Call up our team and we’ll arrange to restore the integrity of your ventilation system.

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