November 6, 2020
By Mark Paup

5 Essential Steps for Fall HVAC Maintenance

Updated January 23, 2024

Fall is in full swing, and in addition to the time you spend in front of the TV watching football and outside raking leaves, there’s one other activity you should be prepared for this season: HVAC maintenance. We know it may not sound like fun, but as temperatures continue to drop and you use your AC less and your heater more, you’re going to want to make sure all your equipment stays in tip-top shape. Keep reading to learn the five essential steps for fall HVAC maintenance, and do not hesitate to call Golden Rule for all your necessary system repairs and replacements throughout the season.

The 5 Maintenance Tasks Every Homeowner Should Complete This Fall:

  1. Wipe Down Vents: It might sound crazy, but as little as 1/100th of an inch of dust can reduce the efficiency of your HVAC unit by up to 10%. That’s why in the transition from summer to winter, it’s always a good idea to thoroughly wipe down your HVAC units to get rid of dust and debris. This will help to keep your vents clear, so your heating system will function efficiently and not have to work too hard over the winter, thereby keeping your bills low in the process. This cleaning will also improve your indoor air quality all winter and fall long. And speaking of cleaning.
  2. Clean off Outdoor Vents: As the leaves begin to fall outside, it becomes more important than ever that you keep your exterior HVAC units unobstructed so they can properly do their job. Clean off any debris as the weather starts to get colder and do it again after the snow melts at the end of winter. Make sure you do a comprehensive job, too, as it is not uncommon for animals to try to make a nest in HVAC units; trust us, the last thing your heating system needs is a family of squirrels moving in this fall.
  3. Inspect Your Thermostat: As a rule of thumb, if your heating system is malfunctioning, you should call a technician. However, if your HVAC tech tells you that everything appears to be in working order with the unit, then where is the problem coming from? Answer: usually, it’s the thermostat. This is why you should always check your thermostat at the beginning of fall, to ensure it is in sync with your heater. If your thermostat is giving you readings that do not match up with the warmth from your heater, chances are you’re going to have to get it replaced. Fortunately, Golden Rule offers all the quality thermostats you need to upgrade your home. We can install a range of cutting-edge digital thermostats designed to sink up with your wi-fi. Plus, today’s programmable thermostats can learn your comfort preferences, meaning perfect temperatures for you in fall and throughout the year!
  4. Change Your Filters: Changing your filters is one of the most important HVAC maintenance tasks for any homeowner, yet too often, people forget to do it. Replacing filters at the beginning of fall is always a good idea, as dust and debris that may be clinging to them can reduce system efficiency and affect your indoor air quality throughout fall and winter. In some cases, your HVAC system may notify you when it’s time for a filter replacement. But if it doesn’t, a good rule of thumb is to swap out your filters every 30-90 days. You should be able to purchase new filters online, or at any local home improvement store.
  5. Call for an Inspection: The final way to guarantee optimum HVAC operation from fall to winter is to have your system inspected by a professional technician. At Golden Rule, our skilled heating techs service furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, and more. We are equipped with the tools and technology to provide expert checks and tune-ups, so your equipment remains energy-efficient for years to come. Plus, with our affordable maintenance program, you can receive additional discounts and priority service while helping your system function at peak performance from season to season. Call now to schedule an appointment and trust our HVAC experts to keep you comfortable this fall.

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