November 21, 2019
By Mark Paup

5 Benefits of In‑Floor Radiant Heating

Updated January 26, 2024

Across the country, many homeowners prefer in-floor radiant heating systems as an alternative to traditional heating systems. In-floor radiant heating exchanges heat with the surrounding environment, warming the objects in a room rather than the air, as opposed to forced-air central heating systems, which push hot air throughout your home via ductwork and vents. Keep reading to learn the 5 benefits of in-floor radiant heating from our Des Moines, IA HVAC experts at Golden Rule.

Benefits of in‑Floor Radiant Heating Include:

  1. Increased Energy Efficiency: Because radiant heat does not have to move around your home through ductwork, you can begin feeling the effects in the room you are in right away. When radiant heating is distributed through your floor, you can save up to 15% on your heating bill, because you are not losing any heating power in the air.
  2. More Space: In-floor radiant heating allows you to save space that would normally be taken up by furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, space heaters, and other heating systems because rather than running from one unit, it’s all coming from pipes in your floor. And because radiant heating can be installed under tile, stone, carpet, wood, laminate, and vinyl, you can customize your space as you wish without having to work around your heating system.
  3. Greater Safety: By switching to in-floor radiant heating, you won’t have to deal with malfunctioning or leaky furnaces, which can become a hazard if not repaired. Moreover, radiant heating doesn’t use air ducts, meaning it keeps your air fresh by reducing the spread of containments and allergens. All of this makes in-floor radiant heating excellent for your indoor air quality and the general health and safety of everyone in your home.
    Easy Use: You can usually control in-floor radiant heating through your thermostat. This makes heating adjustments very simple, and with digital and programmable thermostats, it is now easier to control your radiant heating system than ever. Oftentimes, you can even use “smart” thermostats to control your in-floor radiant heating remotely through your tablet, smartphone, or computer.
  4. Simple Installation: In-floor radiant heating is surprisingly simple to install, and if you are going through a renovation project, can be put in fairly easily during other home upgrades.

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