January 18, 2016
By Mark Paup

4 Reasons to Consider a Bathroom Remodel

Updated February 5, 2024

The bathroom might not be the first spot in your home that leaps to mind along with the term remodel. People are more likely to look into a remodeling project for a kitchen or a den than the bathroom. But there are some good reasons to think about arranging to have a remodel for one or more of the bathrooms in your house.

One: The bathroom has serious repair issues

If you live in an older house, the bathroom may be suffering from the general decay of its plumbing or from cosmetic issues such as cracking tiles and decrepit cabinets. There’s also the possibility of extensive mold growing in areas around and under the shower and tub. You can try to have these problems repaired one at a time, but it’s sometimes better just to tackle everything at once and remodel the entire room.

Two: Raise your home’s value

Remodels, in general, make a house more valuable, and you’ll earn money back on the project. Remodeling Magazine estimates a return of $0.71 for every dollar spent on a bathroom remodel. That’s better than remodels in many other areas of the house.

Three: Increase storage space

If your bathroom feels cramped, remodeling it with more cabinet space and a better layout can make significant improvements. This is especially helpful if the bathroom has a pedestal sink that lacks underneath storage space, or it sports an oversized bathtub that can be replaced with a shower.

Four: Change is good

This is subjective, but refreshing a tired old bathroom often improves your daily life. This is the first room you probably visit in the morning and the last you visit at night. Make it a place that you don’t mind looking at with the opening and closing of each day, and one that’s more convenient.

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