The technology of professional plumbing is constantly improving so that plumbers can offer services that are faster, more accurate, and provide longer-lasting solutions. One of the important evolutions in plumbing technology over the last few decades is video pipe inspection equipment, which uses digital miniaturized cameras that can enter the drains along a long fiber optic cable and send hi-def images back to a monitor. Think of them as drain snakes that have cameras mounted on them.

How does using video pipe inspections improve plumbing work? There are several ways:

  • Accuracy: Video pipe inspections give plumbers a clear idea of exactly what sort of issues are occurring in the pipe or sewer line. Instead of guessing what type of repair a pipe needs, the plumbers will know beforehand exactly what techniques will work. This is especially helpful if the job might otherwise involve excavation to reach a pipe. The images from the video inspections may inform the plumbers that there are less invasive ways to fix the problem.
  • Speed: Using video inspections eliminates much of the trial and error that was once a major part of most plumbing work. Plumbers know what they need to do and where they need to do it, and this cuts down significantly on the time needed for the job. For example, replacing a pipe is far faster if the plumbers know exactly which pipe, they need to replace and how to reach it.
  • Assurance: Once plumbers have completed a job, they can use a video pipe camera to do a double-check to see that it was done accurately so there won’t be any need to come back a short time a re-do the job. The plumbers can also show the images to the customers so that they know exactly what work they did and that they completed it.

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