Updated January 23, 2024

With winter approaching, we need to think about the best way to keep our houses warm through the spring thaw. Maintaining indoor comfort during winter requires more than just making sure that the heating system is working in its best shape. A home must also have effective insulation, or all the heat that the furnace or another heater can produce will simply go to waste.

Insulation in Winter

People tend to think of insulation as something used during cold weather—and it certainly helps keep a house warm. Insulation is designed to slow down the movement of heat from one place to another through convection and conduction. If your home has proper insulation in its walls, attic, crawl space, basement, etc., it will prevent the warmth coming from your heating system from simply escaping to the outside. You’ll feel much more comfortable and won’t need to ring your heating system as often.

Insulation in Summer

As you plan to better insulate your home for this coming winter, keep in mind that insulation will also serve you well the next time the outdoor temperature rises. Insulation works both ways: it will also slow down heat that attempts to enter your house. This is especially helpful for heat that comes through the roof. The layer of insulation in the attic will prevent the massive heat that develops in the upper part of the house from filtering down into the rooms.

Types of Insulation

There is no single kind of insulation that serves all purposes in a home. Along with the familiar fiberglass batts, there is also blown-in insulation and cellulose installation. To help stop heat from entering through the roof, a radiant barrier is extremely helpful. You need professionals to assist you with finding the right type of insulation to properly air seal and heat seal your home.

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