Updated January 26, 2024

Winter is in full swing, and if you’re like most of the country, your heating system probably is, too. Whether you live in a colder climate that requires heavy-duty equipment or a warmer region where you can get away with a less powerful heating system, you’ll want to make sure your unit remains as energy efficient as possible over the next few months. A lot of homeowners end up wasting money on their heating bills by making simple mistakes. Fortunately, our experts at Golden Rule are here to tell you all about the top five heating problems and how you can avoid them over the coming months.

The Top 5 Winter Heating Mistakes:

  1. Heating Your House When There Is No One Home: Unlike air conditioning, which is more energy-efficient to run when you are out for the day, heating is not something you want to waste your money on while you are away. To decrease your energy bills without sacrificing your comfort, install a programmable or smart thermostat, so your system will turn on and start heating your home shortly before you get back. And speaking of thermostats…
  2. Turning Up Your Thermostat When Winter Weather Rolls In A lot of people naturally assume that their thermostat should be set to a lower temperature during the warm months of summer and a higher temperature during the chilly months of winter. And yet the opposite is true. To offset HVAC costs and achieve more balanced temperatures throughout your house, you should keep your thermostat higher in the summer (somewhere around 78 degrees) and lower in the winter (somewhere in the 68-degree range.) Trust us, cranking your thermostat up during winter will have virtually no effect on your home’s temperature, though it is likely to increase your utility bills. Again, installing a smart thermostat is a good way around this issue, as this technology can help determine the ideal home temperature for you.
  3. Keeping Your Windows Unlocked: You probably already shut your windows during the wintertime, but to truly seal in temperatures and prevent air loss, you should lock them, too. Every year, homeowners waste a ton of their HVAC system’s cooling power through cracks and holes throughout their property. In addition to weather-stripping and caulking, simply locking your windows goes a long way in preventing warm air from leaving your home and cool air from entering it, thus forcing your system to work a lot harder and driving up your energy costs.
  4. Leaving Your Exhaust Fans On: Almost every home has exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen. While these fans are necessary to achieve proper ventilation, eliminating odors and excessive moisture, as well as maintaining good indoor air quality overall, they also draw warm air out of your home, and should never be left on longer than they have to be. Contact us today for more information about heat recovery ventilators and energy recovery ventilators to enjoy maximum comfort while maintaining clean indoor air quality and balanced energy costs.
  5. Failing to Call for Necessary Heating Service: Remember, furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, and heating systems in general are complicated pieces of equipment. They can be dangerous when not functioning properly, and even the safest heating equipment can still not be energy efficient. That’s why Golden Rule is available 24/7 for all your heating needs. If your heater is making strange noises, releasing nasty smells, cycling on and off, or increasing your energy bills this winter, do not wait till the problem gets worse. Contact our experienced heating experts at Golden Rule and let us make sure your system is ready to operate at peak efficiency all winter long.

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