Summer sun giving way to crisp autumn days means winter won’t be far behind. With average seasonal highs only in the low 30-degree range and single-digit or even sub-zero temperatures possible in Des Moines, it would be no fun for homeowners should their furnace stop working in coming months. Planned maintenance, however, can help keep a home’s heating going when it matters most.

According to Golden Rule, there is no better time than now for annual maintenance on any home’s critical HVAC equipment. Regular yearly maintenance can save money from future repairs and extend the life of a home’s current heating system and help get the most out of any equipment.

“Annual maintenance is incredibly helpful to keep you aware of the condition of your older equipment,” said Bobby Johnson, sales and marketing manager at Golden Rule. “It sets expectations for the upcoming seasons, so you are not caught off guard and left with a cold house!”

Beyond simply keeping residents warm when temperatures plummet, a properly maintained and working furnace plays a key role in safety at home as well.

“Safety comes into play when you are dealing with furnaces,” said Johnson. “Annual inspections can detect if there is a CO2 issue leaking into the house.”

Crucial seasonal equipment inspections and care are easy to accomplish with Golden Rule’s Gold Club Membership. This planned maintenance agreement (PMA) includes two Complete System Checks each year and one Plumbing Inspection. Club members also receive front-of-the-line service. Should an inspection discover a needed repair, club members receive 10% off repair costs.

“It is by far the best deal in town at $99 per year!” said Johnson of his company’s Gold Club Membership.

Beyond joining the Gold Club and scheduling planned maintenance on a furnace before winter, homeowners should remember to change the HVAC filter. Fall is also a good time to test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Don’t forget to change their batteries!

There’s also still time to install a new, more efficient furnace this fall with help from the trained professionals at Golden Rule. Golden Rule install high-quality, energy-efficient heating units. By working exclusively with one of the best brands available, Golden Rule leverages buying power to offer superior, reliable products at savings. The heating units are made in America and come with the best warranties in the industry according to Johnson.

Inquire today about the Gold Club planned maintenance agreement. To schedule an inspection of heating systems in any existing home with Golden Rule, call (515) 517-6557. Golden Rule professionals can also help homeowners find the perfect new furnace.

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