The time of the year when people usually have a maintenance inspection and tune-up for their residential furnace arrives during the fall. It’s generally a good idea to have maintenance taken care of before the cold weather arrives, as well as to have the system tuned up nearest to the period when it will perform the most work.

That doesn’t mean you should simply skip maintenance altogether if you were unable to arrange it during the fall! It’s a bad idea to let your furnace go without this important service for an entire year. Here are some reasons why “better late than never” definitely applies to professional furnace maintenance:


Gas furnaces have the potential to create hazards for a household because of leaking carbon monoxide. During an annual maintenance visit, a technician checks the furnace to locate places where leaking might start, and then arrange to have the issues fixed. You don’t want to risk running your furnace if it hasn’t received its yearly safety checks.

Energy savings

For every year that a furnace goes without maintenance to clean and adjust, it wears down faster and creates additional stress. The stress drains more power, and the furnace will lose around 5% of its energy efficiency rating per annum. You don’t want to pay more to heat your home than you have to, so make sure you arrest this decline in efficiency and don’t skip maintenance any year.


A broken-down heater during a stiff winter day or night isn’t something you want to deal with. It means making an emergency call for repairs. Our technicians are ready around the clock to help when something like this happens—but it’s a hassle that you want to try to avoid if at all possible. The precaution of maintenance, no matter how late into the winter, is the best way to prevent a sudden heating system breakdown.

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