We always like to think of Golden Rule as a great company to hire whenever people need a quality home and commercial services. But we also like to think of the Golden Rule as a great place to work. It’s our work environment that helps us provide that special level of service to every customer. As our slogan says, “We Obey the Rules to Live By,” and that applies to our customers and our employees alike. Our R.U.L.E.S. is for us as well as everyone who hires us.

And now there’s proof of it: the ­Des Moines Register has listed Golden Rule as one of the Top Workplaces for 2017. We are 18th for Small Companies.

This is not a surprise to us, but we’re nonetheless thrilled to receive this recognition as an exceptional employer. If you’re interested in joining our happy family, we’re looking for technicians and customer service representatives right now! And if you’re looking for assistance with your air conditioner, heating system, or plumbing, we’re here to help any time of the day or night.

Call on Golden Rule in the Des Moines and the Grimes Iowa Metro Area.

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