We’ve written quite a bit over the last few weeks regarding the importance of scheduling heating maintenance during the fall. Fall is now running out, and we’re looking at colder and colder weather ahead, so if you haven’t arranged for an inspection and tune-up for your natural gas furnace, this is the right time to check it off your to-do list! Just call us today and ask about our maintenance service.

One of the key steps of furnace maintenance: is the heat exchanger

We’ve previously listed some of the reasons that you need to have heating maintenance, but we’d like to draw your attention to a particular safety issue with gas furnaces that a professional inspection will help avoid cracks in the heat exchanger.

The heat exchanger is a furnace component that is responsible for transferring the heat from the combustion gas in the furnace to the air that enters the ventilation system. The exchanger is a metal container that collects hot combustion gas, heats its outer surface to warm up the air passing around it, and then safely vents away from the exhaust fumes.

Exchangers can develop corrosion over time if there is poor ventilation, and a corroded exchanger will start to crack from all the expanding and contracting of the metal as it heats and cools. These cracks will permit exhaust gas—toxic carbon monoxide—to escape and enter the airflow from the furnace. This is a hazardous situation. However, during maintenance, a professional technician will carefully inspect the heat exchanger to see if it has corrosion or cracking. If it does, the technician will arrange to have it replaced to keep the furnace safe and will also look into what might have caused the corrosion in the first place.

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