Updated January 17, 2024

Pinhole leaks are among the most common plumbing problems in homes today. There isn’t much you can do to stop these small leaks from appearing in your copper pipes. A reaction between chemicals in the water is what’s likely responsible for the corrosion along copper that leads to these aggravating problems. What you can do is call on skilled plumbers to take care of the job of fixing them.

How does a plumber fix a pinhole leak?

You might have this idea of a plumber sticking a wad of some adhesive substance (no, not gum) onto the leak to seal it up, or maybe layering over it with a special sealant. But this is what you expect for sealing ductwork. Copper pipes are much different.

When repairing a pinhole leak, the plumber can use a stopgap method of placing a small piece of rubber against the leak, then securing a jubilee clip around it and the pipe and tightening it. This will handle the leak for a short time—stopping the leaking—until the plumber has time to take care of a more permanent fix.

The next type of pinhole fix is to slice open the pipe at the pinhole itself. The plumber places a pipe slicer over the section of the pipe, with the blade put into the leak. This cuts the pipe in half. The plumber then uses a compression fitting to secure the cut end of the pipe together, securing the pipe.

The most advanced pinhole leak fix involves cutting the pipe in half. But rather than a compression fitting, the plumber will use a solder fitting for the most secure repair. The pipe must be cleaned and free from the water first or else the soldering won’t work. Flux is brushed onto the pipes and then placed together. A soldering torch is then used to seal up the pipe.

Remember: You must have professionals do these jobs, especially using a soldering torch!

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