Spring means warmer weather is on the way, and this is when homeowners start making plans for the middle of the year. We recommend you schedule your air conditioning maintenance now so your cooling system will be in peak shape for when the first heat wave arrives.

But are you neglecting problems with your furnace because it’s spring? This is not a good idea. We know it may seem like it’s pointless to schedule a repair for a furnace that’s struggling to provide warmth, or which is making odd noises when hotter weather is so near. But you shouldn’t delay a furnace repair for any reason. We urge you to schedule furnace repair in Des Moines, IA as soon as you think there’s a problem—no matter the season. Below are some reasons why.

The weather is still unexpected

April and even May can still throw cold weather surprises our way. The temperature may not drop down into the teens, but nights in the 30s can still happen—and you certainly don’t want to be caught with a non-working furnace on one of those nights. A furnace that has a repair need is at a much higher chance of breaking down and stranding you without heat during a surprise cold snap.

A malfunctioning furnace can be a safety hazard

If you have a gas furnace—and the majority of homes in the area do—it runs a risk of becoming unsafe if it keeps operating with a malfunction. Prompt repairs are one of the key ways to keep a furnace from developing hazards like carbon monoxide leaks.

Waiting on repairs can make them more expensive

Any malfunction in a furnace will cause an increase in work strain as the unit runs. This extra stress will make the problem worse and may also create different repair problems. The longer you wait to schedule furnace repairs, the more you’re probably going to have to pay for them.

The furnace’s life will be shortened

Repairing a furnace doesn’t just fix an immediate problem. It also prevents future problems and stops the furnace from accumulating additional wear and tear that shortens its service life. That seemingly “minor” furnace problem that you ignore could be taking months and years off the system, forcing you to replace it earlier than you should.

You may have a broken furnace when the fall cold arrives

When you shut down the furnace for the summer, you don’t want it to have any lingering repair issues. Otherwise, you might discover on the first cold day of fall that the furnace won’t work at all! This is not the kind of surprise you want to be dealing with later in the year, so see that your furnace is in great shape before it goes on its summer vacation.

Remember, furnace repairs don’t have to be a hassle: you only have to call our experts. We’ll be out to you fast and have the problem fixed in no time. We have a 24-hour service available.

Golden Rule: If you want a Service Provider who will treat you and your home like their own, then call us today!

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