This is a common question that we often hear from customers, and we understand why people may feel a bit confused regarding regular maintenance. After all, if an air conditioner comes with an extended or lifetime warranty, it may seem odd that it would require regular spring maintenance. This is a good issue for homeowners to consider, and we want our customers to be thinking about their HVAC systems and how best to care for them.

Maintenance is vital, even with warranty coverage

A warranty does not ensure that an HVAC system will always work reliably. Although we only install the best equipment for air conditioning systems, there is no way to protect against failures and repair issues that may occur. The manufacturers know this, and they also know that regular maintenance is the best way to see that the system lives up to the promise of the warranty. You must keep up with regular maintenance to keep the warranty current.

Let’s say that you’ve had an air conditioner for 10 years, and you’ve kept up with regular maintenance on the unit every spring—also keeping the warranty current. If your AC suddenly fails because of a problem with the compressor, the warranty can cover you for a complete replacement if you can show that the failure of the compressor wasn’t due to negligence.

This is where you can see the real value of investing in maintenance. Not only does maintenance help your air conditioner work for as long as possible, but it provides the backing necessary should a major problem occur under warranty. If you take care of your AC, the warranty will, in turn, take care of you. Our team of technicians is here to make maintenance easy and give you important peace of mind.

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