March 7, 2016
By Mark Paup

What Is a Drain Snake and How Does It Help My Plumbing?

Updated January 19, 2024

Also called a plumbing snake or a pipe snake, a drain snake is a coiled wire tool that can effectively clear out clogs from your plumbing. In addition to removing clogs, drain snakes can have cameras attached to them so your plumber can see what’s going on inside your pipes. When used incorrectly, this tool could cause damage, so it’s important to avoid the urge to do it yourself and hire a professional. So how does our drain snake service in Urbandale, IA help your plumbing?

Removes Blockages

When it comes to removing clogs from your pipes, sometimes a plunger is just not enough. A drain snake equipped with an auger, which is a mechanical drilling tool, allows your plumber to remove the blockage safely and quickly.

Spots Problems

Video pipe inspection allows your plumber to take a closer look at your pipes when neither a blockage nor clog seems to be the problem. This type of technology allows your plumber to diagnose problems. For example, the problem may be that tree roots have obstructed your sewer line.

Why Can’t I Use a Drain Snake Myself?

There are various types of drain snakes, each with a different function and level of power. If you don’t know which to use or how to use it, you could make a mistake and cause pipe damage. If you use it in the interior of a porcelain toilet or sink and cause scratches, then this could lead to rusting.

Perhaps the most compelling reason to let a professional handle your drain snake services is so that you do not injure yourself. The energy in the coiled wire might cause the tool to recoil back on you. Plus, if you are using a powered drain snake it could easily get out of your control.

For professional drain snake and video pipe inspection service in the Des Moines, IA area, call Golden Rule.

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