December 24, 2018
By Mark Paup

Should I Schedule Maintenance If My Heater Is Struggling?

Updated January 29, 2024

It’s no fun to have a heating system like a furnace started to experience trouble keeping up with your comfort demands during the winter. It might even be dangerous. When you notice a heater that’s starting to fall behind or is making odd noises and other signs of issues, you might think, “Time to get this thing tuned up with some routine maintenance.”

This isn’t how maintenance works, however! When you believe you have a heater that’s in trouble, what you need is a professional to repair it.

Maintenance Is Prevention

You’ve probably heard that HVAC companies recommend scheduling maintenance for your heating system each fall. We do as well! This routine maintenance is one of the best things you can do for your heater, and therefore one of the best things you can do for your house and family.

Maintenance is to prevent potential repair problems, not a way to deal with them when they crop up. During fall maintenance, a skilled HVAC technician gives the heater a close inspection to find areas where troubles might be starting. Often, the technician can solve the problem on the spot, without the need to schedule an actual repair.

Other parts of maintenance help to reduce the chance of repairs by cleaning, adjusting, and generally fine-tuning the heater. Around 85% of the repairs a heating system may need during its service life can be prevented this way.

Another important benefit of routine maintenance is to keep the heating system running safely. This is vital if you have a gas-powered heater, which many homes in the area do. Repair problems with a gas furnace may lead to hazards from combustion or gas leaks. But safety also applies to electrical heaters.

Maintenance is also necessary to keep a manufacturer’s warranty current, which protects you in case your HVAC system fails because of a factory fault rather than anything you did.

If you didn’t schedule maintenance this fall, it isn’t too late—give us a call to sign up and get on the schedule.

Repair Is Reaction

Maintenance won’t prevent all problems, and when something seems wrong with a heater, it’s time to call for repairs. A repair will target the specific issue and see that it’s corrected. If you are behind in maintenance, the repair technician will be glad to arrange for a time to have the job done—the technician will just make sure the heater isn’t in immediate danger of a complete failure first.

Call Us for Prevention or Reaction

No matter whether you have a heating system in need of repairs or you haven’t scheduled maintenance for it yet, turn to a professional HVAC company in Des Moines, IA. We offer emergency repairs for heating systems, so you can have problems fixed fast. We also have memberships available in our Gold Club to handle your HVAC system tune-ups and inspections during the year. We’ll put your mind at ease.

Schedule heating system repairs or heating system maintenance today. At Golden Rule, “We Obey the Rules to Live By!”

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